January 5, 2008

A Happy Post =3

I re-found my faith for humanity. All in one little cup of Coffee. If any of you live in Lapeer, or Vist, please come to a place Called Cup Of Joes. They have 2 locations. One right by Auto Zone, and the other in downtown, merged with Lapeer Music. They even deliver to you.
Their Site. And lemme tell you, they have the bast coffee I tasted in a while, and I do drink a lot of coffee. They're better, and cheaper then StarBucks. And I think if your get a shot of expresso ($.60 for a shot) I have proven you get enough cafffine as a starbucks. Best thing, unlike other coffee houses, it doesn't burn the tonuge.

So, if you're ever in the area, stop by, they have a lovely staff, good coffee, FREE INTERNETS, and a very roomy seting area.