January 26, 2011


I'm so sorry I've been like....gone...

I've had a lot happen the past like week and half..

I found my love for drunk people. They're my new study.

I went to a club/bar/thing. And it was college night, the 20th. $1 dollar picture beer. I learned, with the right amount of alcohol, and near closing, one will turn gay, then spill the beer all over. I went with Melia, so I was safe. I had a blast. I honestly don't know what I would do with out that girl.

Then the week happens, blah blah blah.

My Mom's B-day! She's not the meaning of life. We went to a fancy mall, then 5 Guy's Burger. My mom and I are cheap dates! lol

Plus, 5 Guy's has malt vinegar ( I love vinegar, of all types, FYI)

Malt vinegar bubble!!
It bubbled!  :D

I've been faced with a lot. I am faced with growing up, which is something I never really wanted to do. The task of work, struggling to find you place in life, and love. I honestly can see why people hermit. And I am a little bit of a hermit. If it wasn't for Melia, I'm pretty sure I'd be one.  Just. Ugh.

But! I got to go to Linkin Park

Linkin park!
Pendulum opened for them. It was my first non bar concert with out my parents. Dad wanted to come, but Melia only had one ticket ( a friend bailed on her). So, it was so much  fun.  Chester is sexy. Just thought you should know.

So, I need to get back on track, with life. Which, isn't all that fun, but I try anyway. I am trying to do a huge post here soon, full of goodness. Don't forget to check out Campfire Chic. She has an amazing give away ( Which has one of my cowls in it!)

Stay safe and sane readers <3

January 14, 2011

My first fill in the blank Friday!

1.   I feel happy when  I am surrounded by love. It's either with family or friends, or doing something I love . Happiness is also best shared. :)

2.  I get silly when  When I am with my friends, with out a doubt. I am the silliest with them. And they are silly with me! 

3.  Something that makes me sad is  When people are just flat out mean. On purpose. And this counts for a lot of things. I think the world would be better if people just smiled at eachother more :/
4.  Something that makes me annoyed is   When people yell at you for helping, or give you a weird look.  It's like 'Uhm Hello, just trying to help!"

5.  A time that I've been truly surprised was     I think it is when Mom and Dad told me when Mom was pregnant with Bman. It was 9 years ago, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday.. They sat me down, and where like ' We have something to tell you' First words out of my mouth where 'What did I do?!' lol. I am glad I have a little brother. He's alot of fun...at times...

6.  I am so thankful for     My friends and family. With out a doubt. They're my rock. I couldn't live with out them :)

7.  I feel loved when       When people ask me to do stuff with them, or call me out of the blue. I am a little somewhat of a hermit. And there are a few friends who know this. And will pull me out of the house. And Mom, she also shoves me out of the door! ha! And I don't get many calls anymore. And when people call, It makes me feel so loved :)

My first fill in the blank Friday :D yay! 

January 13, 2011

It's the mail!

                                                     Oh Steve and Blue! I miss that show...
You know you do too.
I guess it was different in the UK....

Speaking of mail! I have been taking pics of my mail. All the cool mail kids do it, so I'm hopping on the band wagon.

To my friend Nancie! :D 

My Friend and gamer buddy Andrew! 

Lori! My adopted little sister! 

A Sendsomething send out! 


Return letter to Violet

A return letter to Andrew :)


For the Instant Swap on Swap-Bot. :)

A Sendsomething Send out! 

A card going out from Postcrossing! 

Return from the first letter from Andrew

A letter from KimberLee

Somethinng from Post Crossing from Russia! 

Got a nice letter from my awesome friend Violet ( I know your reading! )

She sent me this awesome screen print! It's printed on this really cool velum! I am going to get a really nifty frame for it! 

Lori's awesome reply letter! She's so creative! 

She gave me Chobits stickers :D 

A card I got in reply to a sendsomething send out! 

So there you go, my mail. lmao. I'll try to update every Wednesday. You all know how GREAT I am with deadlines though. hehe. 

As far as an update. Nothing really going on. Getting in the swing of working again. Stupid holidays screw my scheduled! 
If you want to send me something, my address is in my about me :). I am always looking for a new pen pal! 

Write hardy!

January 8, 2011

Boredom Baking.

Seems like I have a new hobby! Baking!

I've been getting bored later at night, and well. I just don't want to sit in front of the computer all night (alright, I do...but it's bad) So! I've been baking!

(Beware crappy Cell pics! Much better then my 3g! Go 3GS! )

Banana Bread Muffins!


First one is Banana bread recipe: here.
Second one is Naan, recipe here. I love Naan.

I've been sick for like the past 3 days. When I was little Mom used to make me a Shirley Temple.  I've been making them, since she is sick too :<

Yes, I like cherries. They're the best part!

Last but not least!
Febe prints
Febe prints! Febe is my furry 4 legged daughter. She is 4 ( I can't believe she's that old! ( And yes! I  was 16 and had a puppy hehehe! (Teen Mom next week! ))).  She goes and gets the mail with me every morning!
Here's a video! With my new phone!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

January 4, 2011

Teach Me Tuesday!: Magazine Envelopes!

Ugh! So I had this all typed out, and then blogger crashed, and didn't save it D:<

So I give you:
Tech Me Tuesday Banner

Alright. Today we are making upcycled magazine envelopes. They're Eco Friendly and waayy cute! :D

So you will need:

  • Magazines ( I like the ads)
  • glue/tape
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • a small security envelope.
Tear out a page from the magazine. Try to get as much of it as possible.  Use either scissors or a paper cutter. 

Now, grab that envelope. Make a 1/4 inch (.635cm) notch on it. I eyeballed it, you can measure it.

Alright, back to the magazine paper.

Fold it in 3s. Remember, the top fold will be the little flap thing you use to close your letter, so make it a little shorter then the other 2 :)

Grab the envelope again. You're going to take the notch

Use it to mark it like so:

Cut it so it looks like this:

Cut where you folded, as shown.

Fold it!

I like to take it together, because I trust tape vs. glue when it comes to the mail. You could even use washi/deco tape.

Put some masking take to write the address!

Ta da! Done :)

There you go! I am off to have a great day with my mom! Hope you enjoy! This is my first tutorial, so please bare with me!

January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! And Christmas...And all that junk!

So! Sorry I've been like super dead lately. I took the Holiday off, and it was much needed. Forgive me?

I got a nifty Diana F+ Snow cat for Christmas I love the thing. It really cute. It is a Lomo camera. If you don't know what Lomo is, it is a replica of old toy cameras from the 1960s. I got the 35mm back and the instant back. I haven't gotten any film developed yet. But! I have the instant! Here are a few of my favs.:

My Obsession


A lot of them came out black! but! Hey! I'm learning! Film is a lot different!

I had a New Years party, which was fun!

I have a few resolutions:

  • To post my mail every Thursday
  • To rate people right away on Swap-Bot
  • Mail More
  • Be Happier
  • And get paid to take photos.
A simple list. I think this New Year I am really going to become myself :)

Happy New Year :D