January 30, 2012

Book Review: Warm Bodies. With a Rant!

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion is pretty good.  I'm not going to say the greatest book of all time. I certainly think it's better then Twilight, even though it's tittering on the line.

Long story short: It's a Zombie Romeo and Juliet. Zombies being the Montague's, and the Capulet's being, you guessed it, human. It's actually pretty well written. There are a few times where there are gaps, and I have no idea what's going on. Or sometimes the way Marion puts things together seems rushed. 

Over all, good for the first novel.

And the movie is going to suck soooooo bad.

It's more then those 'Well, the book is always better then the movie' yeah yeah. Well. This brings it to a whole new level.
Not only is it done by Summit, the unholy bastards who took on Twilight. But even in the movie cast, they fucked it up.

Nora (Who is supposed to be the Nurse) is black. Guess who's gunna play her? Analeigh Tipton (The baby sitter from Crazy Stupid Love). I like you Analeigh, but you're no where near African American. 

Then, one of the Staples of 'R' who is zombie Romeo, is a RED TIE! 
Do you see a tie? TIE?! 
R is supposed to be a business man. NOT A TEEN IN A RED HOODIE!
Really Summit, is it really THAT hard? UGH! 

I think they nailed Julie though. 
At least they can do SOMETHING right! 

*Deep Breath* Okay. Sorry for swearing. The book was a little bit more the Twilight. And it was actually like, good. Yes, I have read Twilight. The Book isn't all that that bad. The movies took all the emotion out of it. BUT THE MOIVES FUCKED IT UP. JUST LIKE GINNY'S AND HARRY'S RELATIONSHIP! Sorry, I had to throw Harry Potter in there some where.

I also fear for The Hunger Games.
Oh God, if they screw That up.

So, in other news, I now remember why I stopped reading.

Sorry for ranting. I had to get it out.
Go read books before the shitty movies take over.

January 26, 2012

Epic Pancakes!!

So, I never liked bacon until Dave showed me Epic Meal Time. Something just clicked. I even want to try and make candy bacon!! I always had Turkey Bacon. Turkey Bacon is still good, but Bacon is still better. I like it with sweets, actually. So, I saw this idea on Pinterest ( which I am now addicted too... Thanks Mom!)

Bacon in PANCAKES!!

I used left over bacon that we had BLTs from the night before. I microwaved them so they are a little warm. About 1 minute or so. Then I put them on the griddle. I cheated and used pre-made pancake mix. I was feeling lazy.

I laid the bacon down, and poured the mix on top!!

The. I waited for it to bubble and what not then flipped em.

They are a wee bit harder to flip.

They are sooo good though! I used blueberry pancake mix. I think it would be good to use chocolate mix, or something sweet. I like the whole salty sweet thing! Or maybe my Awesomecakes!

Pancakes are just good!

So, I hope you enjoyed my idea. :). Happy breakfast!

P.s: daily does of cute:

January 25, 2012

Quick iCase tut!

So, as you guys know, I love crafting and I love my iPhone. I love it when I can combine the two!

I saw this tutorial: here.

So, basically you get a clear iPhone case. I use this guy:

I got it for Christmas. It's nice, and I can easily take it on and off.
Since it's clear, you can put stuff between your iPhone and it.

So, this is where the crafty part comes in. Just trace your iPhone, then cut it out. As for the camera and flash, the case should have a hole around it- trace, cut, blah blah.

Then decorate!

(Yes my phone is jailbroke, and yes I love it)

So, you can use fancy paper, or even fabric. Get creative. If you are like me, your phone is an extension of yourself. Stamp it, tape it, whatever. I like to change my things up a bit, so this saves me money on cases. And I can change it when I want!

so! Enjoy!

January 23, 2012

My weekend!!

Hey guys!

It was my Mom's B-day yesterday. In our family we get one weekend to celebrate our birthday :). I had a lot of fun with my family. So, uh, Happy Birthday to her! We went to Benihanna's. Then went shopping. The cake Dad got was from an actual bakery. OMG! It was sooo good!

I am currently sick. It goes from 20 degrees, to now 45. It takes a tole on my body. My Mom is sick too.
I am sipping on green tea, with candied ginger. It tastes amazing. After I got my tonsils out, my colds go straight for m chest now. ugh. *cough cough*. I hate these kinda days. It's raining out too.

That's all for now. Happy Handwriting Day! Oh! And remember! The Stamp increases today!

January 19, 2012


I've been feeling more creative these days. :)

I've started to draw again, after 3 years.

And it's gotten cold, and I started crocheting again.

and I've been, and continuing project 365! Well, 366 now it's leap year. :)

What have you been up too?

January 18, 2012

Going black!

Today, I am going black to stop SOPA.

SOPA is trying to take away our first right as an American: Freedom of Speech!

Learn more: Here

January 17, 2012

How you doin'

So, I am getting ready for the iPhonegraphy week here. It was supposed to be this week, I decided to push it back due to all the stuff that is happening around here.

So, we have gotten little to none snow. It'll snow, then it'll get really warm. And, it's been like that since November! I just want my snow, damn it! It did snow, and I got a little shot of it.
It's a serious 'Take a picture, it last longer' moments around here! Ugh!!! And today, it's 40 degrees, and I just saw some lighting not to long ago! WTeffe! 

So, I got a Razer Naga for X-mas from my lovely BF. As you all know, I am a photo editor by day. So, I programmed it for Photoshop! 

1,4,5,10: are all actions I use, all the time. I keyboard shortcutted them to my F-keys.
2,3: to zoom in and out.
5,6: To make my brush bigger or smaller
8.9: To make my brush softer or harder
11,12: Are up to debate. I have them as O(short cut for burn, dodge and saturation tool) and J(patch and healing tools). But, I was debating on turning them into ctrl+z and ctrl+alt+z (undos)....Hmm. 
I kept googling something like this, and I found nothing, so here's my take.

And I also stopped drinking Pop! After I saw this story , puking a few times (no joke). I stopped. Not just my once believed Mt. Dew, but all pop, soda, whatever. So there is a lot of:

and making of

God, I love cold coffee.
I've been making tea too. Loose leaf kind. What is your favorite kind of tea? 

January 7, 2012

Sweet Jesus!

Blogpress is back! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone See that? Isn't sexy?? Okay- back to business. Now that I have blogpress back, I am announcing I am going to do a little something something on iphonegraphy and mobile blogging! The 15-21 I will make a blog post everyday! Woot! Anywho. What has been up?

I know I am late, but, Happy New Year! I have been playing around with my Olloclip!

It's so much fun! I got into playing StarWar: Old Republic! So good, but it's an uber graphics hog! No Bueno. But, it's still an amazing game!! So, I will probably post again later night. Or maybe tomorrow. Mom and I got a Cuttlebug. It's pretty sweet!

See yeh soon!