March 5, 2013

Start Doing!

So, I picked up this book the other day:

Seems really cool. I have done a few things from it. And it's not like Keri Smith like stuff either. It's more of a 'let's start living' book.

And living, is something I've always struggled with. Like truly living. I was always struggling to fit in, and be 'normal'. But, Hell, I never have been normal. I've always been the weird kid with multi-color hair. And can pull it off. I was always the kid doodling on something. I never went to college. And I hardly see the light of outside  unless it's to get the mail. And I'm ALWAYS comparing myself to others. Always. And I am always thinking I'm not good enough.

But, then this book got me thinking. And when I bought it, I got what I needed to get my ACE for photoshop. I am going to get off my ass, and finally start doing me. :). I am worth it, and I am awesome. (And guess what,  YOU ARE TOO!)

I like this quote:

Have you ever been in a rut? Or felt out of place. How did you handle it?
p.s: Smile. It looks lovely on you. :)

February 1, 2013

Mail Tag!

I love getting letters, who doesn't? A letter is like a little hug via your mail box.

Few of my pen pal's like to play Mail-Tag.

What is Mail Tag?

It is a lot of fun. I love the idea what people come up with. Typically I give people 3 to 5 'tags' to do.

A Tag is anything postal friendly you can come up with. And everything is open to interpretation.
Bianca from Goodnight Little Spoon  did a little thing on mail tag too. :). My Pen Pal Bree got me into mail tag. And I love it. It's fun to try and out do your self from the last time, and come up with bigger and better things. And it can be a specific or not as you want.

Plus, it's LetterMo guys!

I also joined up
League of Extraordinary Penpals

It's only the first Month, but it's super cool.

Happy Mail People!

January 29, 2013

A month of letters.

I am so excited.

There is this thing called  LetterMo. Which, is a month of letters. You gotta send 23 letters, and write all the ones you get back. Seems like so much fun :).

It starts Feb. 1st.

January 23, 2013

New Years Tea Haul! :D

What says New Years like a good tea haul?

I got some Tea at Teavana! Most of the tea was onsale too! :D

I even got a tin and a 'perfect tea spoon!' That way when I move out, I have my own tea stuff too :).

 Sakura Allure is my fav. It tastes and smells sooo good! Moroccan Mint, I got for Dave because he wanted to try gun powder tea! haha.  Peach Momotaro is for my Mom. She loves it.

What have you been brewing?

The Spice and Tea Exchange is having a give away!
Link here! 
Good Luck!

January 1, 2013

I'm still Alive!

So, I know it's been a while.

So, Since August my life had been spiraling down. I am really open about being a women, and it shouldn't be a big thing.  I've had menstrual problems since when I started when I was 10. My uterus has this habit of not stopping bleeding. And it causes a lot of problems, depression for one. My Dr. put me on Zoloft, and my life has been a little better. I am going to make an appointment with a Gyno soon. Somethings wrong, you know? When you can just feel it.

Then in September, as per post, my Nana got a hysterectomy. Our family has uteruses (Uteri? What's the plural?)  that hate life, I swear. Anywho, there where a lot of complications. I'll  just put it as that, because it's gross. We had to pact her wound. And I give my Mom much credit. She had to do it. And on top of being sick herself. My Mom's badassness never ever ceases to amaze me.

So, Then in November, Bman got his tonsils out. I got mine out when I was 19, and Mom was 25, so the little shit got his out when he was 11. lol. They where bad. And given family history, the Dr.'s just had them out. He's doing much better and can eat again! Yay. :)

And then in December, and even now, My Dad had to get is Aortic Valve replaced. There was nothing do to prevent it. It was going to happen sooner or later. It was really small, and the Dr.s where surprised that he was even standing. He got it done the 21st. He ticks now, which I think is so cool. He can't sneak up on me anymore. (Funny story. I was playing WoW one night, and he was fixing something. So he sneaks up on me, and put a drill next to my face, and runs it. I jumped like a foot off of my chair, it scared me so bad. He can't do that anymore! He's like the Croc from Peter Pan! BUAHAAH). He's now on blood thinners, so he's cold too. Which works to my advantage. I'm a cold person. I am always in a hoodie. ALWAYS. And now he is too. No more fan running in January. Smudge is glad too. Haha.

So, I plan on making a come back. I'll probably start blogging every other day or so in the next week or two.

Just wanted to let you know. lol.

Oh, and Happy New Year. It's a new start, you know? Hopefully 2013 will be a little better :)