June 24, 2011



So, Looking at my (lack) of blog posts! I found out I have not posted anything about my Lomography (ok- I did in like Jan..)!

Lomography is based in Vienna, where a group of people fell in love with Analog.

Here are some of my lomo pics



My Mailbox

Now, I have a 2 Holgas, and a Diana F+. I got an instant and 35mm back for The Diana. I have one for the Holga too, but it's confusing. ish.

But, I love my Lomos. They are so fun to play around with, and experiment. Matter of fact,  I spent all day trying to get sprocket holes. I was using this site. with my SLR. I just laid the film on my laptop (Which folds down) and snapped a pic. I played around in photoshop, and got what I got. They're not perfect, but at least they are sprockets!

I have been playing around with film, and where to get it developed. I went to a professional Mom and Pop place in Port Huron, to get film and developed. It ended up costing me 2 dollars a pic! Ugh! I sent it in at Meijers (Which is a Michigan grocery store..Just look for anyone who has FujiFilm that they send out too). and I was actually more happy with those results. (Like .25 a print!). Though, I don't know where to get film from. I'll figure out something.

So, have you heard of Lomo? What have you learned from it?
Hope you are well! I promise I'll try and write more!

June 8, 2011

Lol Hi thar!

So, a lot has happened!

I turned 21.

Aren't I sexy? Lol. I tried to get drunk, it wasn't happening. Lol. It was good!

For my birthday, Dad got me WoW. ( the sudden realization of why I haven't been around, click now, don'it?)

I'm a fucking Bear Tank. Muhm. Don't mess with me, or I'll spam Maul. Lololol. So, I've been playing with Dad and Dave :).

Mom got me Toms!!! I love them!!! My feet are soo happy! First off, I have huge man feet. It's true. They're size 12(9 in guys) and they're wide. It's a fact, I have man feet. Toms actually fit them, and some of my calluses are going away :)

Dave and I have been together for 3 months! I made him this:

Just a little I love you gift :). We both are Portal Nuts! So! He loved it :3.

I shall try to write more!!