March 23, 2012

Count Your Blessings.

This Wednesday, the thee worst day in my life. Probably ever. ( or Sooo Far! As Homer Simpson would say). This is going to be a little bit of a wall of text, I only have a few pictures. But let's queue Sarah McLachlan's
In The Arms Of An Angel, just to set the mood. Yeah, it's one of those stories. It has a happy ending though- I assure you!
If you read my Blog you know I have a Pomeranian named Febe.

Febe was bought when I was 16, on a cool November day from a very nice family in Flint. She is an exotic. Her under coat, when under natural sun light, has a hue of purple. I was a slicer at this time, very depressed. I love the Pomeranians because of PacMan in Blade. Or the one Pom who eats the other in one of the newer Super Man movies.

Feb's and I didn't bond very quickly. It took us a while. But when we did it was friendship, camaraderie, and codependence.
I wasn't depressed anymore. I got to see her smiling face every morning. I need that. I love Dave, but sometimes I just need some one to listen to me, and then lick my face? Lol. With everything going in with Mom, my sanity is a very thin line these days. Febe sleeps at the opposite side of the bed as me, which is perfect. I hate having dog all up on me. She loves food, loves other people. She, and will continue too be my perfect little Purple Pomeranian Princess.
But last Wednesday, I also lost her. Actually I did lose her for a minute, but I'll get to that. It was almost 90 degrees that day. In March. She still has her winter coat, so instead of her winter coat keeping her cool, it traps the heat in for her. We also get her shaved for the summer. Mom and I where just talking about that. She wasn't outside for more then 15 minutes. We brought her in, and she started panting really hard, more then usual. We gave her water. We put a fan in front of her. She wouldn't still calm down. So we put her in the sink, and put cool water on her. That's when it happened. She passed out. Turned blue, stopped breathing, her eyes rolled back, she went limp, and well, did the whole poop as you die thing. We got her out. Mom told me to get some towels because now she is all wet. I just think she wanted me out of the room, and I understand. I went into hysterics. Mom has been around animals her whole life, and being the bad ass she is, brought her back just enough. She was still blue, and out of it, but she was alive, and savable. I called my vet, and we rushed up there. I never moved so fast.
Our vet. Oui. I love her and hate her all in one. She is very very doom and gloom. She has had several of our animals dead when we brought then in for minor things. I should have known that. She put Febe on oxygen. She still wasn't relaxing and her temp was at 104. 104 is good. Febe is at a 102. But she wasn't breathing. They ended up putting her under and putting a tube down her throat. That seemed to help. She told us to go because we had to pick up Brandon.
As soon as we left, that is when I couldn't stop crying. My baby. I always thought she would let me know when it is time. And I would have kids at the time, so I wouldn't be so...alone. I mean , she's only 5. I couldn't stop crying. I put myself in hysterics. My Nana came over. We got a call from the vet. Her temp was now normal. She had a heat stroke, plus she has a collapsed trachea. A CT isn't as bad as it seems, to me anyway. It when the Trac is supposed to be round and dilated, it goes kinda oblong, and doesn't dilate. I thought she had like her whole throat collapse. She was born with it. And it makes sense.
Well, the vet was closing at 5. They needed us out. They gave us a number to an emergency vet in Flint. She said she wouldn't make it with out oxygen. My Dad, who now is home scrambled. Thank you Active Medical Supply. They said we need a prescription the next day and to just take the tank. Thank God, she didn't need it. She get way better after she woke up, and wagged her tail as I went to pick her up.

The emergency vets where amazing. They didn't care I called like almost every hour. They kept me informed. They gave me hope

And Febe made it. 

She's home now. Resting.

They put her on meds to help her breathe.
I am like a mother hen though. I am constantly watching her, and I get worried. I am not getting too much sleep, and I get scared when I leave the house. Even though she is doing fine, if she gets to riled up, she can go back into her fit.

I never knew how much that little fluff ball means to me. Please, take scare of your dogs, and animals. Do not leave them in cars, or any place that is hot. Watch them if it gets too hot. This whole thing only took 15 minutes.

Sorry again for the great wall of text.

March 20, 2012

Whatta week!

So, I know I popped off the grid again. Sorry. Here's why:

And as if Mother Nature reads my effin mind. We get this bad boy:

Muhm, That's a tornado. About a mile away from my house. My Mom, Dad and little bro where all freaking out as I was running outside with my iphone to take pics. I would have gotten my SLR, but I didn't have time. Tornadoes don't scare me. Lighting, does, but a twister never ever has. I wanted to be a storm chaser when I was little. I get this high. It was the coolest thing, seeing it rotate. Because, you can have a funnel cloud, and if it's not spinning, it's not active, and you're safe. As soon as I saw it rotate, my Dad (Who was outside with me) Was like 'GET IN THE HOUSE NOW!'.
I wanted to stay out and watch the whole thing. 

Everyone was okay. Everything turned out fine. 

Then! A few days after, I officially became one with Lapeer. I shot my first gun off. It was a 22 semi-auto. Pretty nifty. I also shot a 22 rifle, 22 pistol, a 44, and 12 gauge. And I now hate the movies. There is no effin recoil, ever! I was watching the Walking Dead, and I'm like, 'They can't do that, they would get hit in the face!'. Which, I almost whacked myself one with the 44. The 12...oh man. I have a bruise on my shoulder. And I only shot it once. My poor Dad and BF have a huge one from shooting it off way to many. But there is a place in Lapeer called 'The Pit'. It's all open, and you can bring stuff to shoot. We brought Bman's science project, and an old monitor. Soo much fun! 

I also got THE COOLEST THING EVER!  It's called 'Cuppow'. It's like a sippy cup lid, for a wide mouth mason jar. I love mine. I drink out of mason jars a lot. And with summer coming (or just 80 degrees on the first day of spring. You know. That stuff....) I am in love with cold brew ice tea.
I got a cool idea coming in another blog post, so stay tuned!

(Morning iced coffee)
Stay cool my friends!

March 10, 2012

Share your Blog Swap on Swap-bot.

For those that know me, I love swap-bot. It's amazing.

For this swap I had to go to other blogs, and write a review, so here it is: (Sorry I am late guys!)

Kraftykj's blogMy Jungle of Life in Oklahoma: This Blog is about the musing of a crafty mother of 3 teen age boys in Oklahoma. Karen features her mail, life, her venture into art journaling, and even a few recipes!  She even has a few frugal tips, and of course her family!  Her blog has a nice homey feeling to it, and a lot of her topics are stuff you can relate too. Karen updates regularly, which is awesome, because content is key.  And I am totally digging this purple cat quilt she did in Oct. Over all, you can tell is a busy, grateful, crafty person, and I look forward to more of her posts J

Agentaemme's blog:Agenta Emme – Married Edition  Emme’s blog is a nice crisp blog. From her pictures, you can tell she is full of life. She blogs about the things around her. She posts her goals and progress, which I think it a really cool way of keeping yourself on track. She even has some product reviews, and explains what some foods are. (Which, I know what morels are, which will come handy for the zombie apocalypse.)  She also has a kuerig, which is not really relevant, but I think they are awesome. I love love love Emme’s voice when she writes, kinda remind me of myself! You can tell she is just one of those people who beat to her own drum.

Deviantdivine's blogBedding Down in Bedlam (tumblr) This blog is pretty new, she started in January. She has a sporadic voice, which makes the blog fun. She also talks about music a lot. I love the taste in music. And if you are reading this, thank you for finally getting me to sit down and listen to the new M.I.A song! Rebecca often posts from work. She has the ‘This is my blog, and I will do whatever I want on it’ feel. Much like mine.  On her Tumblr, it’s short little musings. Ones what wouldn’t fit into a blog post. I look forward to following her tumblr, and her blog!

TeaWithLemon siteTea With lemon Photography Tea With Lemon features a lot of crafting findings. She as photography, (of course) art journaling, mail, and her findings. She also likes her colors a little cooler, like mine. Cooler color people unite?  She is a beautiful art style. Teach me how to draw people? She also shows her mail art, and the art she gets. I love how this blog had pictures. From my blog, you can see, I’m a picture whore. I hate reading sometimes, and I just like to look at pictures. This is one of those blogs.  She even has some freebies, because  who doesn’t love freebies?!

Last but not least::

TiffanyAnnDavis87's blog: Tiffany's MailBox Tiff is my age ish. And this is a mail blog. I love mail blogs. Her blog is a little newish too, starting in Feb. I have tried to log my mail via blog, but that never worked out. She also makes jewelry and the like. I love her book thongs! She has pen pals from all over the world. She has a dog, and a cat. They are both really cute! I can’t wait to see the mail she sends and receives.  I look forward to new posts!   

( And  sorry for the huge wall of text!)

Here: Have a Chloe: 
(She's 17, folks!)

March 7, 2012

Get it out there.

Serious business Guys.

Please watch this:

I know it is almost 30 minutes long. It is so worth the watch.

If you don't want to watch it, I'll tell you.
Joseph Kony. That is who it's about. And why is this Kony guy so important? He's responsible for over 30,000 abduction of children in Uganda, Sudan, and Congo. What does he do with these children? The Girls are used as sex slaves, and the Boys are given guns, and are forced to kill their families, their neighbors, and who ever Kony sees fit. The ones who disobey are either killed, or horridly mutilated. 

We finally got people on 2010 from the US to help. 100 battle ready advisers to help the Ugandan military get Kony. Kony found out, and is now changing his tactics. The people now need our help, more then ever.

So what can you do? Spread the word. Tweet, Facebook, talk about it. And if you think it's a lost cause, remember, what would happen if someone came into your house, and took your child. But, it's something bigger then that. It's about coming together, and making a difference. I mean, look at what we did for SOPA. 10 million people stood up, and did something. We came together, to make a difference. We can do that again, but instead of protecting our internet, let's protect people. Let's use the internet we fought for, and make something good of it. Let's make Kony famous, so that he can't be ignored. And when we do that, why stop there?

March 6, 2012

Mole-ass-is cookies.

I really wanted to do this yesterday, but work got in the way. And I know I haven't done an On Nom Mon in a really long time.  So, I'm sorry for this being a little late! 

Anywho, my favorite cookie is the Molasses kind. I like weird things. Well, I suppose they are not that weird, but I like 'em strong. 

Kinda going by this recipe here . I added a few things. What you need:

  • 3/4 cup margarine, melted ( That's 12 tbsp.)
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup molasses
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 bag chocolate chip

In a  bowl, mix together the melted margarine, 1 cup sugar, and egg until smooth. Stir in the molasses. Combine the flour, baking soda, salt, spices; Then add chocolate chips.  Mix it all together. Cover, and chill for 1 hour.

When you bring it from being chilled, you do what I call 'dough bowling'. Make a mixture of sugar and salt. It makes a nice salty sweet thing going on. Roll dough into balls, or use a cookie scooper. Mom got me one after this because I was making a special batch of ones with chocolate chips and raisins. Then roll the dough around in the sugar/salt.

Grease pan, plop the balls onto the cookie sheet. 

Bake at 375*F for about 10 minutes. Or until they look done. They are a little bit of a crisper cookie. 

Dip 'em in coffee, that is what Melia does. Matter of fact, I made them because of her. I plan on  making some hot chocolate. They kinda remind me of ginger snaps.


March 2, 2012

Crawled out! (major pic dump)

Howdy Guys.

I crawled out of my hole lately.

Emilie Autumn was AMAZING

Dave took me to the D for our anniversary. I HAD SO MUCH FUN :D

:). I can't believe it's been one year. He's my rock.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd. Back to what I was going to post originally.
There was this new place called Collette's. It's this huge place with Vintage, and art and all that good stuff I love.

I went shopping.

 Mom got me Towne Club. She was telling me how she used to have it when I was her age, and she misses it. And as soon as she saw it she was like 'OOO' which is Shel Shel for 'I WANT'. So, we got some. And it was great. :).
 I got these bad boys for $2.50. I noticed there where people who where reasonable, and the people that where ridiculous. But TWO FIDY?! Sold. I always have paper, and NEVER have envelopes. BUAHA!

First off, I saw these guys at the BIKER BOOTH! It was 3 dollars. It even comes with golden stickers. I am having a huge amount of spring fever. Plus, it's so cute! 

These where all a dollar each. I am keeping one. These things are awesome for stuff to send out. If I had enough, I'd buy all that she had. Maybe I'll make my own? Nah.

 All four of these punches where another $2.50. I thought that was a great deal. I love these things. And I need more of them.
 I have been on a huge Beatles kick as of late (I wonder why!). And the cup's name (it says on the bottom) is Strawberry Fields. And I wanted my own cup. I have like 3 cups out of the bazlion we have . I have my fine China, a mini tea pot and cup with cats on it, and a chalk board cup my little bro got me for me b-day a few years back. So, for a dollar, I got it..
I couldn't help myself. This guy was dapper and dapper could be. I HAD TO! So, I ran up to him, like a crazy fan girl, I HAD TO GET A PICTURE. And I did. Not my proudest moment, but I got what I wanted.

That's about it.  I'm tired.