February 19, 2011

Hey! Test

So, I downloaded this new app!
I have been coloring like a fiend!

This color always cracks me up!
I am on the go for the first time this week! I am tired! Melia is supposed to be coming over soon! I can't wait to see her!!

Off to dinner! We finally got in a place after like 2 hours!


Location:Peabody St,Birmingham,United States

February 15, 2011

Charlie got Dexter'd by Cupid!

Hey Guys!!

So, I got home at 11:30 ish tomorrow. :).

Surgery went well. They had to poke me 2 times before they found a good IV spot :/. I hate needles. I started screaming ' KITTENS AND UNICORNS' The nurse got me a wet washcloth, that helped. She gave up and had anasthics do it. I apologies for grammar and spelling now. I'm a little woozy.

It took the Op 2 mins it's to find a vein. We talked about my blog while she was doing it lol. I talked about how I stopped Om Nom Monday because I had no interest in food. Lol. My anasthislogiest ( totally bitched that..sorry) was Indian, with a cap that had paper cranes and the Kanji for Good Luck. Made me feel good.

When they gave me oxygen, I couldn't help thinking of Melia, and her oxygen high last week.
Then I blanked out.

Like usual, the first thing out of my mouth was 'Holy Shit' I remember them laughing. Lol. I muttered something. They also helped me with my nose ring, which we took out last minute, and put it back in when I got out :). I was stable, even though I kept falling asleep. I was back in Holding. I saw my Mom there. She told me it was like 4x what it should be. They had to crush it to get Charlie out. ( So I couldn't keep my stones :(). And there was a whole lotta scar tissue because it was so bad for so long :/.

Bman got me flowers! First time I've ever gotten flowers on Valentines day! They are yellow Carnations and babies breath. The vase is 4 smiles, one for everyone.

Believe it or not, Smudge has not been leaving me alone! And if she does go off, it's because Basil or Hairry are watching me. And she comes back to check on me!!!

I shall write a proper blog next week!

February 12, 2011

Saying See Yeh Next Week!

Until Charlie the gallbladder dies. I'm excited

I have gotten most of my duck in a row.  And he knows. Oh God. 
So, I am going to be dead for the next week, week and a half. I will answer emails, and I will be tweeting as much as I can.


February 7, 2011

Just another Manic Monday!

So, I figured since I haven't been cooking for my lack of interest in food,  I'd do a new thing called Manic Monday. Mondays suck. There is no way around that. You gotta get up. Especially since the Super Bowl (And Glee!) was on last night. So, I'll give you some funny videos. (Or what I think is funny. This is your disclaimer, I find a lot of weird things funny. And I can be a little twisted. If I offend you ( Which I hope I don't! If you read my blog, you know....) please, don't whine about it. I told you. )

I'll make a banner when I feel like it. Or Maybe I'll just use the Bangles.  -shrug- Make I'll make a video.
Who the hell knows.


Michigan....People from Michigan we're a weird breed. We are part red neck, part Eskimo, part human, part ice, part snob, and part weird. I say parts, because few people give and take a little.
So, I found these videos. Which, if you ever have seen the Pure Michigan thing....They...They're not Michigan. Michigan is really pretty.
You're probably like 'Britty. You be talkin to much', and I am.
Here's the videos:
There are some language on it. But, if you read my blog, you're used to it by now:

Sad, but true...

Alright, now with the safe for work stuff. :)

This make me laugh SO HARD.

This always remind me of my Dad. (Who's a designer, which is a lot like Engineers. And I have a lot of Engineer friends.)

After an hour of watching videos:
I finally found one:

I was a huge DBZ fan when I was a kid.
Made my laugh.

Well, dinner is now done. I hope I added a little more joy in your Monday.
Try not to kill anyone (No promises on my end. Charlie is being a huge bitch today.)

If you have any video that you think I need to post next week Email me! If it makes me laugh! I'll post! I'll also link to your blog :)
Britty Luna.

February 6, 2011

An Update.

I got a call on Friday,




Kay. Sorry. I had to get that out.

And of course, I had to freaking google it.

But I'm excited.  Kam said ' I think you are the only person who's excited to go to the Doctors' Or something like that. But, yes, this is a sad, but true fact.

The Doc said the ultrasound came back that I was FULL of stones (no shit Sherlock). But that was cool, because if they didn't find stones, I had to do some contrast test. With an IV. Ugh. I have an appointment with the surgeon the 10th. They want to get me in as soon as possible. They said as early as the 14th. What a great way to celibrate Single Awareness Day like DRUGS( Not the illegal kind. If you ever had surgery before...The stuff they give you before hand, IS AMAZING) So. I'm excited. Part of me doesn't want the  laparoscopic, so I can milk it...Lol. Is that wrong?

I will keep you updated on Twitter 

Off to the Super Bowl. I have no idea what football is, but I love the commercials. I plan to get caught up on my mail during the game. lol.

February 1, 2011


So, I've been in this grumpy state of mind. Iunno what's come over me, but I've been this super bitch monster. And I've been more of a hermit. But I think that's due to the fact, I can't eat anymore with out feeling nauseous blah. I'm typically not a mean or sad person at all :/. Maybe it's the weather? I hope so!

So, I am giving a knack to knitting. I have no idea what I am doing. But, it's getting along.

There is a huge blizzard happening soon. Like a foot of snow. Classes are getting canceled. Meijers was crazy yesterday. Took at 2 hours. The lady said it was worse then Christmas. Michigan people acting like we never got snow. Ha. Michigan doesn't close down for anything. We're kinda tough like that.

I went around taking some pics around Lapeer the other day!

The tracks

Ice ice baby

Sun setting on Town.

I had fun doing it. It was partly for a swap. I love my little 20D. Mail Filer tomorrow hopefully! Depends if I have power or not.

Oh! And I wanna thank Kam over at Campfire Chic for being awesome. I was a sponsor for last month, and she helped me along. I don't feel like a noob so much. :)

Stay Warm everyone!