About me

So,  I guess you clicked this, because you wanna know more about me.
This is taken from my Sendsomething profile.

Hi! I am Britty Luna! :) 
* I am 22. I work as a photo editor. 
*I live in a small farm town. 
*I stalk my mailbox...(Mail comes at 10:30 sharp!) 
*I hate the color orange. 
*I love Cherry Blossoms and kittens. 
*Oh!I love (and own!) a Pomeranian! 
*I crochet. ( A lot) 
* I swear like a sailor ( FUCK) 
* Can't knit to save a life. 
* I'm an avid maker of stuff. 
*I am a complete nerd/dork/being. ( Seriously, everything nerd...) 
* My favorite pokemon is Mudkip, but if we're going original 150, Clefairy. 
* Starwars and Hello Kitty. 'Nough said. 
*I'm trying to get into Zines. It's hard when you're the only one with in a 20 mile radius who knows what they are! Lol. I have a small mini zine if you want to trade :D 
* Glow in the Dark Stuff. 
* Mix CDs 
* Notebooks ( I'll even send it back if you want to go back and forth :)) 
* I like purple and blue 
*I believe everyone is a super hero. 
*I never get sleep. Send me some? 
*And pretty, cute, whatever. thingys :) 
* I believe in fairies. 
* People call me Grandma. I don't know how to take that... 
*I would like to hear from anyone* 
No need to send something, just a letter or a post-card would be nifty, and totally make my day! All you have to do is say Hi :) Tell me your secrets, or what's on your mind :) I don't mind if you tell me your problems either. Sometimes telling a random stranger something, it quite refreshing. I'll try to help as best as I can :) 

If you send me something, I promise to send you something back too! :) 

I love getting mail, for seriously.

Britty Luna
75 Mill Creek Ave,
Lapeer, MI 48446-2689

If you're not into snail mail, want want to get a hold of me! ryuluna@gmail.com :D