July 31, 2012

Weekly Tea 7/24-7/31

Howdy guys!

This week in tea we have:

Birthday tea, even though it was no ones B-day. Dave said it was 'Good tea, but no great tea' -snarl- All the tea I make is GREAT TEA! lol!  

I am in love with this tea. I love the TeaHaus. This tea, I'm sure, it was heaven smells like. Ugh! My Mom bought it for me as a treat. :). No idea what I am going to do when it's gone!
Lazy ass day. Added some frozen peaches.  Good stuff :)
Awesome stuff. I added some organic oolong as some filler, because I was making some for my cousin Kiwi and I. We also went shooting, and I wanted something light to come home too. Also, on the left corner we have Poe. She is possibly the smallest kitten I have ever seen, and also the friendliest. Kiwi found her on the 4th, meowing her lungs off. Kiwi picked her up, and the rest is history. She is an awesome cat. :).
Mom  found me this book. I am currently reading it. It's pretty rad.
We also made Hibiscus tea, with some herbal stuff for flavor. Hibiscus is good for your tummy, so Mom drinks a lot of it, and it helps her. :). We made it into ice tea. It's perfect for hot, tummy ache days; which are very very common in our house. (We all have tummy issues!!)

 Tuesday (Today!)
Oh God! This tea!! It tastes like...Raspberry pie. I added some Agave, and and some Bach's Rescue Remedy. Not a single fuck is given! lol. Did you know you can use Rescue Remedy on your pets? My Febe always freaks out at loud noises, and this is perfect. I seriously might make myself another cup!!

That's all. I also got a post for you tomorrow! :D
Drink on, Lovelies! 

July 24, 2012

Tea's of the week!

I think I am going to do try and do this every week.

Follow me on Instagram here. I am posting the tea I drink, almost ever day.

I drink a lot of tea.

I would love for people to ask me, or send me tea to try!

I would also like to shout out the Tea app on the app store: here! It's seriously the best app ever to keep track of your tea!! I use it all the time! 2.0 is coming out soon, and I cannot wait!! My life is on my phone!

OK: So this week in tea:

Basil's brew from Emilie Autumn! Nice light taste. A little expensive for my taste, but it's all organic, and Emilie formulated it her self. Plus, you can buy it at one of her concerts. Who can you do that with?

Feeling lazy. Sweet Leaf is all organic black tea. It also comes in sweet, but I like the lemon best. Best when drank out of Mason Jars, so check out Cuppow.

Party hardy? I know this really isn't a tea, but it's what I was sipin' on!

Monday: I didn't feel like tea. It happens.

  Coconut Oolong with Coconut Sugar from the Spice and Tea Exchange. Pretty good tea. Nice taste. I love coconut (because I'm nuts!). I seriously wanted those almond cookies you get from Chinese buffets. They would have taste good. I also got this Mug for my 19th B-day by my little bro (He saved up his money! It was sooo cute!). It's a chalkboard! So I drew a palm tree :).

So, that's this week in tea!

July 19, 2012


Yeah, that's me. My friend Colonel is up from Georgia. You should check it YouTube Channel out! He is going to be famous one day, I tell you! We came up with the idea after I was drinking tea, and was like 'I'm the Julia Child's of Tea!'. Yeah, there is some vulgar language in the vid, we wanted that way. And Yes, this is based on a true story. I want my Cold Brew Tea Twinings! And I do kinda get angry about it. lmao. Just not this angry. It was a lot of fun to do, and we did it all in one day! :)

Speaking of tea: Check this out:
That's like a huge difference. I am working on a post for you guys :) I am doing an intro to loose leaf, and the difference. I'll have you drinking loose leaf in no time! Just thought I'd give you a preview!

I hope you are having fun, Lovelies! With Colonel here, I sure am. This is the most I've gone out of the house in a long time! lol. :).

See you tomorrow!

July 16, 2012

The Febeus got a hair cut!

Ok, so we all know and love Febe, right?

Well, I came home from a vacation last week, and what do I find? My little Fatty got shaved. My Dad surprised me. I was so glad too, because with her heat stroke, I wanted her shaved, for sure. And I noticed it took forever for her summer undercoat to come in, so she looked a little off. As soon as we shaved her, it started coming in. I was worried due to the heat stroke that it wouldn't come in. But now it is. Thank God.

And with that said, I give you pictures!

 She always is so smiley :)

 'Nope. I'm done'
 I love this pic. She's like, 'OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING'
 ' Kay, I'm done now Mom'

Big yawns!  In the middle I see her going 'Ermahgawd'

So, yup. That's really it. Febe's being cute :).

July 10, 2012

More Fairy Gardens! :o!

Hey Lovelies!

OMG! It got up too 110 degrees in my neck of the woods last week. Oui, I was melting! I am not a hot weather type of girl. I would totally have just winter and spring all year 'round. I went to Dave's cabin for the weekend, and there was no A/C. I died. A couple of times!!

Now that it is back to like, mid-80's, I can finally do stuff again! Mom and I started to plant fairy gardens again! Woop!

We had a few broken fairies, and things we where going to use. We didn't want to throw them way, that stuff adds up, you know? So Mom came up with the greatest idea, Zombie Fairy garden!!


And I finally got mine done! Fairy Postal System! :D I made it out of moss and a plastic container for flowers!

Our deck seems to be doing well!

 This actually grew from our bird feeder! 
Nibby even likes to hang out on our deck! 

So, yeah, that's what I have been up too lately! What about you! What have you been up too??