August 21, 2011


Mom wanted to do something for a last horah of the summer. I can't believe how fast this summer has blown by. I've done more this summer Senior year! And that was for competition!

Chicago was a lot of fun!
The View
That was our view from our Hotel, Hotel 71, where the party from The Dark Knight was shot! We went up and saw it, it was actually super small!

We went on SeaDog's Architectural Tourer!
It was super pretty, and I learned a lot!

Dave took me to China-Town for our date night. :). We had a lot of fun!
China town
We went to get Ramen, real ramen! It was good. We even got bubble tea! I wasn't too keen on the 'bubbles' lol.
Ramen bubble teaIhad a good time. :).

August 1, 2011


So my friends are having a baby! Or, I think they had by now. I did their pics! I was so nervous, but I think they turned out great :). My Mom helped me, but I did this mostly by myself! :D
What do you guys think?