December 20, 2010

Om Nom Monday!

Hello! :D

So, after much though, Foodie Friday sacked. So, I give you:

Today we are making my friend Melia's Mom's Rice Casserole! I never got to meet Cathy, but she was an amazing person, and I am honored to have one of her recipes! Thanks Melia for it! She had made it for me while I was on Flint staying with her. I fell in love. We had it with venison. I also made a double batch, and forgot to add the mushrooms. I wrote the recipe with out them, but you can add canned mushrooms! :D

So Here we go! 

You need: 
  • 1 lb Hamburger or venison
  • 1 can LaChoy Fancy mixed vegetables (if you can't find them, you can use one can of bamboo shoots and 1 can of bean sprouts)
  • 1 large or 2 small cans Campbell's cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 cup of minute rice

Alright. Grab a large Pot. Start cookin' that meat. 
I'd also drain the fat. I wouldn't rinse it ( Don't laugh, my mom rinses her meat...)

Alright. So Then add everything BUT THE RICE! So, The veggies, water, and soup! to the meat. 

Looks a little soupy right, that's ok. 

Then, when it starts to boil add the 2 cups of rice! Wait for about 10 minutes, or until the rice is soft. This may take longer or shorter depending. 
Then you'll get something like this:
:D Looks good! And it is! Add Soy Sauce. I use Braggs Liquid Aminos. Use a little spice. I use Ms. Dash, Melia likes Nature's Seasoning. 

Here the card:

December 14, 2010

The Hunt!


So, crazy weather we're having here. The kids have had 2 snow days! Oui!

So, being snowed in, I made a new The Hunt. It was a little thing I put together for swap bot. People liked the idea, so I'm giving it to you guys! :D  So Download it here:
Hunt 2

Don't know how to fold?  learn How to fold there :).

We have started a Flickr group too! I would love to see the things you do with it! Wither you do it in the Zine or do it as journal prompts! :D

December 13, 2010


Michigan's Menstrual rage.

It was a BITCH to get the mail. We got 8 inches of snow. But, it blew around. So, it's like 1 inch in one spot and then up to my thigh on the other! So,

Michigan Menstrual Rage.

December 7, 2010

Weekend in Pics.

Hey Guys!!

I am back! Well...I never left...but you get the idea. I went to Flint this weekend with my Very Best Friend: Amelia. I had a great time, and I was a college kid for a while. College seems cool. I am a working woman. If you guys don't know yet, I am a photo editor :). I eventually want to do magazines. I am going away to college next Sept. for Photography.

I wanna say thanks to my friend Emily for kinda getting me back into my 20D :).

So: Here are my adventures in Flint, With Melia.

The Open

The Decay

Click on the pics for more :)

And! I made an ATC for a swap on Swap-Bot, where it had to be a pocket!

So, here's mine:

A little Tea
I put a little thing of Green Tea in it. :). I like the bamboo. I think that's my favorite part.

Letsseee What else. Oh! I am moving Foodie Friday! Yes! I know. But, I just remembered, Crafter has Foodie Friday. So, I'm now doing Om Nom Monday :)! I will do this!!

And I am working on something for you guys. I might take a while. But, I'll let you know :)

I'm going to work now.

December 1, 2010

Snow :D

Welcome home :)

Snow in the D-d-ark.

YAY! Snow! At least it looks pretty now...Knowing Michigan we'll have 5 feet in the next hour ( Kidding! Kinda....) It makes me even more super excited for the holidays. It first Snowed on Thanksgiving (Nov. 25), but it didn't stick...This is kinda sticking. OooooOOOO!! Winter is finally here! It's late for Michigan. Typically we have snow by now. I don't mind though :) And I'm sure you'll see be bitch about shoveling it soon. I'm enjoying it why I can. he he

*Edit* Posted more pics at night :3