September 27, 2010

Isn't she pretty :D

Ok, So, I went on a quest for a wee bit. I wanted a typewriter, really bad. I went all over. I asked, all over. I looked at Craigslist, people's friends. Nothing.  Then Mom was like ' Let's go to that new Thrift store' Of course I was like 'Kay.'. So we walked through, and nothing. I found a little back room. I saw a case. I got excited, I opened it. I found the love of my life. A Smith-Corona Gallaxie 2. It had a full ribbon. I was excited! I asked how much, and she said 3 dollars! SOLD!

Check this bad boy out:
Cosmo!Her name is Cosmo.

I am in the middle of collecting stickers to put on her. It's a travel typewriter, so I will be taking it places, and writing letters, if I ever go anywhere! Lol. 

I've been getting into Zines, if you haven't noticed. I love reading them, and making them is kinda hard, but awesome at the same time. I've been crocheting a lot because of the cold weather, so I haven't been working on it. I'll have some stuff on my etsy soon!

I've been using tumblr a lot more. Here's the link . 

I hope you all are ok. I went to the DIY fair in Ferndale last weekend, omg, was it amazing. I saw Electric Six, and I bought a whole bunch of stuff. I was in heaven! I even made a little hoodie thing, I'll post pics later. I got compliments! It was my first recon!!! 

Well, I've been working. Which, is good. Mom is getting botox in her stomach for her Gastroparesis. It'll help her not hurt so much. I'm excited for her. 

I've got an awesome recipe for pancakes. I'll make another post tomorrow for it! :D 

September 7, 2010

Zines! Zines! Zines!

Hey guys, what's up? Guess what! I'm a Zinester now! Well, kinda. You can get this bad boy here. Yes, I have more then 3. Lol. Also, since I have one now ( even though it's a mini one!) I'd love to trade! :D Matter of fact, I'm swapping this one too! :D  I'm so excited.

Life has been good. :)
How are you?