September 26, 2011

Avery Online Wizard!

Omg- So I'm a huge nerd. I think we got that.

So, with getting a new computer,  I discovered Word Starter. Which is cool, and it does everything I need it to do.

Except Avery Wizard. I use it for address labels. I love Avery. I'm an stationary junkie.

But to my dismay Avery Word Wizard(say that 10 times fast!) does not work with Word Starter :( I was really bummed. So, after some googling (lol) I found this: The Online Wizard.

OMG was I in love! They have such cute designs! Way better then the ones I could come up with myself! hehe. So I made a few:

But, it took me a minute to figure it out. So, I give you a tutorial, kinda.

Also, remember to make an account, so that way you can save your designs online. I liked that. Go Cloud power go!

Step one:

Step 2:
 double click on the design, and it will prompt a new screen.

step 3:
 I deleted the boarder. I think this is  very user friendly. All I had to do is select the boarder, and hit the delete button. There are text options on the left, much like word. :). The clip art/design automatically pop up. I made it a little bigger.

Step 4:

From there is will open as a new tab, and as a PDF.  Print it off. Make sure you have the right printer. Lol. It seems to select my fax for some reason :)

Sorry for the dusty printer!

Then check out your printed goodies:


Everything seems to be on the dot, which I love! I hate when something is a little of center, or whatever. The last 2 cards have a little white streak at the bottom, but it's fine.

I plan on putting those beauties on something every where I go :)

So, that was my little quick tutorial, and my love affair with Avery.

LYO is only a week away! I'm excited!

September 23, 2011

Love Yourself October!!

So, I've been wanting to do this for a while, and I think I finally have the time, and courage to do it.

I give you:

What is this LYO? You might ask: well. Everyday write a little (or big) something you love about yourself. And go into detail!!

Whether it be something like
' I like going out of my way to make people smile' or ' I like the way I dance with my hands!'. Nothing is stupid, or too small. It is what YOU love about YOURSELF!

Get creative! Do it in any medium you wish. I have a journal with a calendar pocket. I am going to tear strips of paper, decorate them, and write on them. I will make a star on my calendar for every day I write something. 
Maybe use a notebook and make a list. Or use every page as one. What ever you want! I would love to see yours and what you come up with.

Remember, you are beautiful. You are smart. :). You are who you want you to be. And love yourself, because you're pretty awesome :D

September 22, 2011

Big Suprise!

Howdy guys :).

I am making a few changes around here. How do you like it?

I am coming up with something big this week! Stay tuned!

I will announce my project tomorrow,  Sept. 23, 2011, at around noon ish.

Stay tuned! 

September 19, 2011


Howdy guys. :). So, it's getting cold again! And I've started to crochet again.

So, I have re-vamped my Etsy! Go take a look, and I will be adding more stuff to it!
and if you use the code 'yayimback' you'll get free domestic shipping!


September 8, 2011

The Pixie-Lution!

Alright, so I was one to always think I had short-er hair. I did long locks when I was little. I had it down to my ass at one point. As I got older, I hated my hair more and more.

It was hot, I had to brush it, I had to it look like I wasn't a wild woman!

Sorry in advance for crappy web-cam photos.

At first, I hated it. I am still coming to terms with it. I got a nice deep redishpurple under my bangs.
I dig it though. I can actually do more with it.  I can put a headband on! Which, I love.  And I have these awesome feather earrings, that look even more amazing.

So, people who are debating on the plunge: I think it's worth it. Make sure your hair dresser knows what he/she is doing. It's hair, and it'll grow out. I feel like a whole new person, and like my confidence is at an all time high!