July 22, 2010

Gettin' Swappy!

Hey Guys. :)

So, the BF is now an EX. I kinda shut myself up for a while. I'm back now. So, If you know any nice guys from MI, my email is around here somewhere! LOL!

Anyway, I've also been doing Swaps. I did a few on Swap-Bot, and I've got one going on Craftster. I've *finally* done an ATC! The women I did it for was a fan of frogs and fairy tales. So I had to do something Frog Princes ish. So: Here it is!
kiss kiss
I think I did a good job :) I'm pretty excited. 

Anywho! I've also been doing a site called Sendsomething.net . It is an awesome place. I love Pen Paling, and learning from different people, learning about them. Their story. If you want to send me something! Email me! I'll gladly be a pen pal. Its an expensive habit. But I love it. 

I've also been loosing weight. Which, is like a big WHOOHOO! moment for me. I've learned portion control. My Mom also has Gastroparesis. ( When did google get health?). She has to stay away from certain food. And I'm here with her all the time, seeing that I work for her. And Its hard to see someone go through that. My Mom is such a strong person. 

So, I'm back to dating again. I'll keep you informed. Trust me, I find the strangest people. I'm like a weird magnet. Which, can be cool at times. I've already like, had a stalker, who started calling me at 10 and wouldn't stop until I bit his head off. Oh yes, its that fun. Maybe I'm too nice, and I need to grow a pair. Or maybe its something else. So Peoples, what are your dating tips.

For tips: I give you Smudge. 

Smudge and tea