June 18, 2012


Sorry guys for the lack of posts, and pics.
We planted a Salsa garden! Tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro, and hot peppers!

Gerty and I went to a wedding! And we danced for the first time! Lmao. We have been dating for almost a year and a half- though to waltz in the kitchen from time to time. Gerty is a way better dancer then I!
Nibblet took over my letter writing:


And I saw a butterfly:

That about sums it. Lol.
Right now, my allergies are attacking my chest, and I have no more voice :(. I hate that. I talk way too much. It makes me mad when I can't talk, and my energy has been zapped :(
Hope you all are ok! Take you vitamins!

June 11, 2012

My weekend in Pictures!

I had thee most amazing weekend! I went to Ann Arbor area with my friends Jamie ( Who's my going to be future sister in law), and Jodie :). I had so much fun!

We went shopping! Jamie found these sunglasses for me! Aren't they great?! I love them!

Then Jamie found a hat:

Classy right?

Then we went to this awesome Mexican place. This was our table:


Then we went to Ann Arbor!!

This was the window of Peaceable Kingdom:

I picked up this bad boy:
A moleskin postal notebook!

Then we went to the graffiti alley:

And of course I end the day with a mailbox :)

I also made a facial scrub, I didn't get any pics, but I'm sure I'll make more.

That's it. I had so much fun! It was good to get away for the weekend!

June 8, 2012

Friday is for Flowers!

Yay! The flowers are all bloomed! I love my roses. Ok-So they are my Mom's roses, but I really love them.  :). They are so pretty, and they smelll soooooo good! 

Dave was being my Camera Man. :). What would we do with out the men in our lives?

I thought I'd share some pre-weekend happiness! Woop!

I am off this weekend, on a girls weekend! What are you doing this weekend?