December 21, 2007

dot dot dot

I'd like to adress Jamie Lynn Spears . First I'd like to say a big, WTF! " It was unexpected". First off, if you're gunna have sex, there is a risk that you are gunna be making babies. I'm sorry, thats life. Plus, she has been goin out with this guy, who is 19, and she is 16. They also met at chruch.

I have this thing with teen pregancy. I think it is personally retarded. I don't nessarly concur with marital sex, because lets face it, the way America is down falling. People are become more irogant and stupid. I can make of list of everyday people, that should be a hero, and off themselves.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying they should. I'm just saying, people are stupid, and things are unfair in life. We make it that way. If everyone just pitched in, and helped at least one person a day, people wouldn't have to have teen pregancy. Parents need to relax. My mother, I love her to death, she always said " If you're gunna do it, you're gunna do it, and at least be safe about it." I'm a virgin to this day, folks.

I used to think the world is how we make it, but I guess its how the person next to you makes it . People are just retarded. Yes, I say retarded, because they are. They are mentally impared to only think about themselves and their well-being. If you think about someone else for more then 2 seconds, it opens a world of oppertunity.

Its not what you wear, its not how you act, or smell. Its if you are a nice person, I used to think you would get far. I guess not. I used to think you could do anything you wanted to. I now know its not true. The world is just made up of lies after lies, heartache after heart ache.


Marry Hollidaze everyone, I really hope you have a good one. I know I will. My cousin is coming over, and hopefully she'll like me again. XD. My mother also had foot sugery the 19, and needs to stay on bed. Another reason of wht not to get dressed, and just hang out with her for a while.

Help someone out today, and see what happens, I dare you. Make some ones day.

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josh aka biggie j said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Even though it's in the middle of March now...