March 24, 2010

Well, Hi There.

Its been a while, Blogger. Sorry I left your for WordPress. You're so much better. I just wish you'd have the custom icon next to the URL thingy. but..whatever :p

Anyway. Hi! Its been a long long while. I've been crafting a lot. I play Wow a lot. I got an 80 Priest and a 60 Mage. Troll power! lol.

I like making hats, as of late. I'll post tutorials or the like soon.

For those of you who don't know, the health bill was passed! Yay! Stop bitching about it please. Don't just eat what the media gives you. Go look for yourself. Thats what I did. I looked at both sides of the argument, and I made my own judgement. I am 100% for this thing. I get health care back! I was cut off from my Dad's because I wasn't going to school. Which is  LLAAAMMMEE.

As for the Michigan weather. I swear, we're Mother Nature's menstrual rage. It was upper 60's and sunny, and now its like lower 40s, and rainy.

Oh I've also been making paper beads! Aren't they pretty? I loved making them!
Teenagers Vellum Beads 3 Mixed Paper Beads 2

Anyway. I think thats all. :) I'll post in later with week!


Coleen said...

Hi Luna, Aren't they fun. I love paper beads too. I"m following on your blog now too. Thanks for following on mine.

Luna said...

Hi Coleen! They are super fun! Great way to use old magazines! :D And Thank you :D