July 22, 2010

Gettin' Swappy!

Hey Guys. :)

So, the BF is now an EX. I kinda shut myself up for a while. I'm back now. So, If you know any nice guys from MI, my email is around here somewhere! LOL!

Anyway, I've also been doing Swaps. I did a few on Swap-Bot, and I've got one going on Craftster. I've *finally* done an ATC! The women I did it for was a fan of frogs and fairy tales. So I had to do something Frog Princes ish. So: Here it is!
kiss kiss
I think I did a good job :) I'm pretty excited. 

Anywho! I've also been doing a site called Sendsomething.net . It is an awesome place. I love Pen Paling, and learning from different people, learning about them. Their story. If you want to send me something! Email me! I'll gladly be a pen pal. Its an expensive habit. But I love it. 

I've also been loosing weight. Which, is like a big WHOOHOO! moment for me. I've learned portion control. My Mom also has Gastroparesis. ( When did google get health?). She has to stay away from certain food. And I'm here with her all the time, seeing that I work for her. And Its hard to see someone go through that. My Mom is such a strong person. 

So, I'm back to dating again. I'll keep you informed. Trust me, I find the strangest people. I'm like a weird magnet. Which, can be cool at times. I've already like, had a stalker, who started calling me at 10 and wouldn't stop until I bit his head off. Oh yes, its that fun. Maybe I'm too nice, and I need to grow a pair. Or maybe its something else. So Peoples, what are your dating tips.

For tips: I give you Smudge. 

Smudge and tea


CP said...

How the heck do you date somebody so fast? It takes me like 5 years to get a date, lol. Anyways, hope it works out for you. You deserve somebody with as many times you've been trying to date somebody. You've been trying your hardest and these stupid guys keep messing it up! Disrespectful Cretans with their video games and beer! ROAR!!!

Sarah&Jeremy said...

oh my gosh...is that ur kitty?!