April 23, 2011

Mail Call and Chaos.

Ok. So, I've had this lack of .... motivation lately. I don't know what it is, or what not. But, It's slowly coming back.

First, I think it has to do with how un-organized I am. As my mother loves to point out, I have my shit everywhere. And I agree with her. I had this funk that I live in organized chaos, and now I've just learned it's chaos. And that's fun for no one.

So I made this for you:
Log Mail

Nothing special. You can either Download it yourself, or use it as a template and create your own. I made it so it works with hole punched paper. I am going to get a binder for it. And like, start using it for mail. And like have letters I need to write back. I think it'll be a good system.

I've also been playing Portal 2 like no other mother! I play with Dad and the BF :). If anyone would like to play ( I CALL ATLAS THOUGH! UGH! LOL) my steam name is t3hryuluna :)

Well I am off. I have a nice little blog post going on soon, Well, a few actually.
From me, Febe, Dave and the random bunny off the internet :)


Mary Has Sound said...

Ooh! That's an awesome template/organizer! I use a moleskin and handwrite my received and sent mail in it. It feels good to be organized, doesn't it?!

Britty Luna said...

I couldn't handwrite anything. I need like...what I made lol.
And...kinda? It's a new feeling XD haha. I'm working on something for you! :D

Some retard quoting from some stupid movie said...

"You should get one of those signs that says, 'One of these days I'm going to get myself organizized.'" 100+ Internetz to you if you know what movie that quote is from.

Carlyn Clark said...

This is terrific. I've got bits of paper stuck to a clipboard that I drop just about every time I pick the thing up. This will be very helpful!