May 2, 2010

Alright. Here we go. And 9, 8,7,6...

Alright. So, I've been making an effort to get active. I'm a little overweight. I'm pretty sure, it comes from my teen years, getting no sleep, and always on the computer. I'm almost 20 now. Time to shape up. I figure, start now, and keep it that way. I don't want to be like 45 and can't remember what my toes look like. And I was heading in that direction.

So, This: 

has become my best friend.

My mom and I have been doing to together. I like it more, because it's walking, and plus it makes you move all of you. That is good, for my famed Mushroom. which, really is a muffin top, but I like Mario. And I'm a nerd. So,  Mushroom came to be.  And I want it gone. I'm pretty sure, I could fit into a smaller size if it was gone, for the pure fact I wouldn't have to hide it anymore.

 But FFUUUCCCKKK. I can feel it. My arms are sore, and my calfs want to kill everything. My shoulders. Ugh. But, I feel good after. I've kicked Pop(Soda. Whatever. I'm from Michigan, its Pop) for the most part. And I've been sticking to coffee. I need NEED to quit caffeine. I hate those headaches. And. Ugh. I would kill someone. I've been drinking water.

I think, I don't really need to watch what I eat. I'm pretty good about that. But, to loose what I need to loose, eating a lone won't cut it. And I'm not going to be skinny either. I have curves, and refuse to like Justin Bieber.  But, I need to be healthier; and that's my goal.

I'm also going back to school in the fall, for graphic design. I can't wait. For those who don't know, I'm a photo editor. I love what I do. But, I can't take a picture worth a 1,000 words, its more like ' I need to adjust this, and this...make bump this up'. I think like an editor, from what my Mom, the photographer, says. Photography, is not my thing. So, graphic design, here I come.

I hope you readers are doing good. :) Happy Belated May Day! :D


Susan said...

No pain, no gain. Is that what they say? Anyways, take one day at a time. Good luck, stay positive, you can do it.

Luna said...

Thank you :)

James Moriarty said...

It's hard but good luck with it! :D You will do fine!