April 28, 2010


Its been a week. I can't really put it into words, so I drew this for you:
Yeah, it's been that kinda week.  I had a dance school to shoot last weekend. That was busy. I was working all week before that.
Though, I did get to take the BF out for his birthday. That was nice. We went to Shogan. And Japanese grill what was run by Chinese people. Made me kind of giggle.

This week is going to be another hectic week. More work, seniors get out in like 20 days, so I've got 15 to get them all done. Ugh. I also have a baseball team I'm helping at.

All and all though, I'm pretty pumped. I'm going to Acen this year. Not really into anime as much as I used too, but I'm going with the BF. So, it should be fun.

ohohohohoh! I picked up Keri (God) Smith's  How to Be An Explorer Of The World book.  I love it! You should pick it up. Made me get out and move around.

And now, and I'm very late for this:
My 10 things to save the world! ( As seen on Swap-Bot...if you had that swap with me)

1: I carry a Mason jar around with me. I fill it with my own water. Not only is it good for you, and cheaper, but earth friendly! 
2: Become a light turner offer whore. I follow my family and turn off their lights lol.
3: The ever obvious: use your own bags. 
4: I can never forget to do 3, so in that case, use paper! Cats love them.
5: Do the smell test. It works, because I'm lazy and I never want to wash my clothes anyway. You also become a more talented eater. 
6: Make your homepage dark. If you have a web site, make that dark too. Black doesn't take as much electric as white. 
7: Turn your computer off at night. 
8: Tablet PC's are awesome. I go paperless. 
9: Use white vinegar to clean things. Its smells bad, but, it does the job.
10: Use cloth as tissues. I've been doing this for a while. Wash them weekly thought.
11: Plant a garden. We always need more oxygen.


Sarah Riley said...

I like your list. It used to be hard for me to remember to bring my own bags to the store. I try to leave them by the door to the garage so that I put them in the trunk of my car (even if I'm not going to the store). My hardest one to remember was the gi-normous Ikea bag that you can't really use for anything else. I now keep it with my spare tire so its out of the way :)

Laoch'Rione said...

If every person changed just one bad habit, the world would be a healthier place for us all. TG Ireland brought in charges for plastic bags, it means everyone always brings their own now.
Thanks for the follow, I'm now following you too
LaochRione from swap-bot

The Stitch Sleuth said...

I admire your conservation efforts! Especially reusing bags. I have quite a collection I use also. Sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed. I hope you take a few minutes for yourself and do something you really enjoy!

Rhonda said...

I know exactly how that picture feels, lol! I am proud to say that I have a fabulous aluminum water bottle that goes everywhere with me, I am a rabid recycler, and my boyfriend and I are in the process of starting a very large garden in our back yard. It seems to me we would get along quite well! :)

Rhonda, aka rhonnifer @ Swap-Bot


sonya said...

Hi, sorry for the lateness,just following your blog.
Sonyaok from swapbot