August 20, 2010

Doin' the ATC thing!

Howdy Readers!

I've been ATC'ing. I've been having a lot of fun doing them. I did one with  few locals on facebook. The theme was 'Child's Play'. There's what I did:

I still am a noob. And I'm learning, but I really like doing it. 

Mom also went to Ann Arbor again. I picked up some pretty kawaii stationary. And sticky notes. :) There was also this cool tree: 
Kerry Town Tree
It was in Kerrytown. There are really cool shops there! :) I love Ann Arbor. Such a  nifty place! 

I haven't been getting any mail lately. Which makes me sad. I've been writing people, so hopefully my mail box will explode sometime soon. I love it. I've also done a few journal swaps~! I love Journal Swaps!

I'm also a half a pound from my current goal weight. I'm so excited. I want to weight in all the time, but  I only do it once a week. I think that's better that way. It's really cool to see the scale go down. ahaha.

As for dating, because I've promised I'd keep you informed. I've been going out with this guy. He's a programmer. He opens door. And like, actually pays for things. I'm so not used to that. I guess, I've been barking up the wrong tree, and I finally found a nice one! ahaha. We're not like exclusive yet. ...Yet. So, technicality I'm on the market.  Oui. Ahaha.

Also, I want to say, Happy birthday Colonel Pork! I miss you so much Sir! It's your 21, so please, have a drink? For me :D 

So with that, I'm signing off! Good night! 

Sun Set

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Mr. Erick W. Lotterbotkins said...

Wow, for someone who says they are a Diablo fiend, I never knew you never made it past the first level. Or, did I read that wrong?

Oh, and once again, thanks for, like, the third birthday shout-out! No, really, like, thanks. A million. More like a trillion. I should make a video of me saying "thanks" a trillion times. That could take days. It would be worse than the Navi "HEY! LISTEN!" video on Youtube....