August 3, 2010

The Post Box!

Howdy guys! :)

I crawled under a rock again. Someone pull me out? Lol. I've been doing Swaps again. I have 3 going at the same time. Bad idea. From now on, I will only take one swap on at a time. They're journal swaps, and I've hit writers block, and one's due tomorrow! D:. I'll pull it off. I've got an awesome support system! lol.

I've made this cute little thing:

Stamp Box 1

Stamp box 2
I always loose my stamps. I found these blank boxes as a scrap booking store  ( that went out of business :<) and they where super cheap! So, I collected stamps I've gotten. I've got Australia, Ukraine, New Zealand and England. I'm happy the way it turned out! And now I have a place to put my stamps now, with out freaking out and loosing them!! I've been going through my room, and I'm  finding stamps. LOL

I've also ventured into making my own toothpaste. Oh, I'm special. I never knew that hydrogen peroxide bleaches your skin. I was freaking out when I felt a tingle on my fingers then too look down and see it white. I screamed a little. Like a little girl. Then My Mom was like ' it bleaches you skin' And then I became fascinated. Then I had to do my other hand....I'm such a kid. Anyway, the toothpaste was lemon oil, peppermint oil, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.
The Experiment!

My Mom, because of her g-pact has been going for testing at U of M hospital in Ann Arbor. God, I love Ann Arbor. But, anyway, I put this on a bulletin board they have. 
I hope someone sees it, and smiled :). People who are going to U of M, are typically the worst of the worst :/. The place is huge, and you know you're in good hands though. Plus, they have talking elevators. Which, scared the crap out of me. I was the only one on it, and I'm in basement 1. I'm going to the cafeteria to grab some food while Mom is in testing. All off a sudden I hear, in a 'Microsoft Sam voice: Going up. Floor 2.' This caused me to scream an " OH GOD" I could hear people laughing at me. Then I split my coffee. It was all good though. We went to the melting pot after. Then Mom goes 'You know you have two hand" And I interpreted her and was like ' WOAH WOAH WOAH, we have two hands?" and our Waiter got in on it " Two? I though we had 3?!". We finally let her finish " We have two hands...and they have different veins. " Very true. I bet your looking at your hands now. 

Sorry for the TL;DR. Lol. :) I hope you're doing fine. Because I love you readers :) 

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