February 15, 2011

Charlie got Dexter'd by Cupid!

Hey Guys!!

So, I got home at 11:30 ish tomorrow. :).

Surgery went well. They had to poke me 2 times before they found a good IV spot :/. I hate needles. I started screaming ' KITTENS AND UNICORNS' The nurse got me a wet washcloth, that helped. She gave up and had anasthics do it. I apologies for grammar and spelling now. I'm a little woozy.

It took the Op 2 mins it's to find a vein. We talked about my blog while she was doing it lol. I talked about how I stopped Om Nom Monday because I had no interest in food. Lol. My anasthislogiest ( totally bitched that..sorry) was Indian, with a cap that had paper cranes and the Kanji for Good Luck. Made me feel good.

When they gave me oxygen, I couldn't help thinking of Melia, and her oxygen high last week.
Then I blanked out.

Like usual, the first thing out of my mouth was 'Holy Shit' I remember them laughing. Lol. I muttered something. They also helped me with my nose ring, which we took out last minute, and put it back in when I got out :). I was stable, even though I kept falling asleep. I was back in Holding. I saw my Mom there. She told me it was like 4x what it should be. They had to crush it to get Charlie out. ( So I couldn't keep my stones :(). And there was a whole lotta scar tissue because it was so bad for so long :/.

Bman got me flowers! First time I've ever gotten flowers on Valentines day! They are yellow Carnations and babies breath. The vase is 4 smiles, one for everyone.

Believe it or not, Smudge has not been leaving me alone! And if she does go off, it's because Basil or Hairry are watching me. And she comes back to check on me!!!

I shall write a proper blog next week!

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