February 7, 2011

Just another Manic Monday!

So, I figured since I haven't been cooking for my lack of interest in food,  I'd do a new thing called Manic Monday. Mondays suck. There is no way around that. You gotta get up. Especially since the Super Bowl (And Glee!) was on last night. So, I'll give you some funny videos. (Or what I think is funny. This is your disclaimer, I find a lot of weird things funny. And I can be a little twisted. If I offend you ( Which I hope I don't! If you read my blog, you know....) please, don't whine about it. I told you. )

I'll make a banner when I feel like it. Or Maybe I'll just use the Bangles.  -shrug- Make I'll make a video.
Who the hell knows.


Michigan....People from Michigan we're a weird breed. We are part red neck, part Eskimo, part human, part ice, part snob, and part weird. I say parts, because few people give and take a little.
So, I found these videos. Which, if you ever have seen the Pure Michigan thing....They...They're not Michigan. Michigan is really pretty.
You're probably like 'Britty. You be talkin to much', and I am.
Here's the videos:
There are some language on it. But, if you read my blog, you're used to it by now:

Sad, but true...

Alright, now with the safe for work stuff. :)

This make me laugh SO HARD.

This always remind me of my Dad. (Who's a designer, which is a lot like Engineers. And I have a lot of Engineer friends.)

After an hour of watching videos:
I finally found one:

I was a huge DBZ fan when I was a kid.
Made my laugh.

Well, dinner is now done. I hope I added a little more joy in your Monday.
Try not to kill anyone (No promises on my end. Charlie is being a huge bitch today.)

If you have any video that you think I need to post next week Email me! If it makes me laugh! I'll post! I'll also link to your blog :)
Britty Luna.


The Milkman said...

Whaddaya mean you "used to be a DBZ fan as a kid?" Man, it should be DBZ FOR LIFE!!!! You disappoint me. Oh well, least that video was funny. I love the original video when both voice actors are doing the Arnie impressions. Pure ownage. Wait, who says "ownage" anymore? Oh well, I just did. Sue me.

kimberrleigh said...

I. Love. The Engineers Guide to Cats. AHHHH :D :P