July 20, 2011

Lavender Potter and the surprise Colonel.


Sorry for yet another disappeared posting!
First off, My laptop died. It wasn't working right, and I couldn't count on it anymore. So, I have to get a new one:
She's pretty. And of course, a touch screen. I can't live without my touch!

Which, I found out, I can poke my spells on W.o.W. This made me happy. Lol :)

It came with Photoshop Elements. I'm still getting used to it. All these photos where PSE. Any hints?

Well, not to long ago, I got a phone call from my friend Colonel (His youtube channel: here. He's always the one who comment on my posts with weird names. Colonel, I love you). He said he was on break, and wanted to talk. It made my day. When he knocked on my door an hour later, I like peed my pants. Colonel had to move to  Georgia shortly after high school. I miss him a lot, and he's my BFF. So, that was an AMAZING surprise!! :D

We also got kicked out of Tim Horton's for the first time in 5 years. The new Lady, hates us, and me. We weren't doing anything we haven't done in the 5 years we've been going there. So, she yelled at us like we where kids. KIDS. I went through my teenage years to be treated like an adult, you know? So, we had to find other places to hang out. We went to a 24/7 diner. Dave made a bacon Sundae:

We went to see Harry Potter. I feel like my childhood has ended. There is a hole there. Luckily I have Dave. He even dressed up (way better then I). (And don't let him fool you, He's a Hufflepuff! And I'm a Ravenclaw!)

So, in a brief moment with not hanging out with my friends, I went to the lavender fest! I love Lavender!!!

I also met these wonderful ladies! 

They are from For The Love of June. June was there Grandmother, who taught them how to make jams and jellies. But, OMG. They are amazing! They have unique jams and jellies. You should check out their site. They don't sell online yet, but they will soon. I had me some Champagne Jelly, and Strawberry Daiquiri Jelly on my toast this morning. (With some Honey Butter!)

So, I had a great weekend!! This week we are going to Shipshewanna. Should be fun.

I leave you with your monthly dose of Smudge:


Mägi said...

This is potentially the most eventful blogpost I have read all day. I believe it is.

Lavender Fest! That's what stood out to me the mostlymostest.

Wendy said...

I love lavender as well, have a lot of it in the front yard (Some in the back too.) I got teary eyed at the last Harry Potter movie. My grandkids, Charity and Mathew, have gown up with the movies. I read the books and watched the movies along with them. My kids grew up with Star Wars and Indiana Jones. My generation didn't really get to grow up with a favorite movie series. Maybe we grew up with TV (We didn't get TV until I was about 4.) We watched Lassie, The Lone Ranger, Super Man, Sky King, The Rifleman, Ponderosa and when I was older Star Trek was the program to watch.

Iggygirl said...

Wow, you had a great day (aside from being booted from tim hortons) It's great you got to see you good friend again.

-iggygirl Check out my Blog #5