September 26, 2011

Avery Online Wizard!

Omg- So I'm a huge nerd. I think we got that.

So, with getting a new computer,  I discovered Word Starter. Which is cool, and it does everything I need it to do.

Except Avery Wizard. I use it for address labels. I love Avery. I'm an stationary junkie.

But to my dismay Avery Word Wizard(say that 10 times fast!) does not work with Word Starter :( I was really bummed. So, after some googling (lol) I found this: The Online Wizard.

OMG was I in love! They have such cute designs! Way better then the ones I could come up with myself! hehe. So I made a few:

But, it took me a minute to figure it out. So, I give you a tutorial, kinda.

Also, remember to make an account, so that way you can save your designs online. I liked that. Go Cloud power go!

Step one:

Step 2:
 double click on the design, and it will prompt a new screen.

step 3:
 I deleted the boarder. I think this is  very user friendly. All I had to do is select the boarder, and hit the delete button. There are text options on the left, much like word. :). The clip art/design automatically pop up. I made it a little bigger.

Step 4:

From there is will open as a new tab, and as a PDF.  Print it off. Make sure you have the right printer. Lol. It seems to select my fax for some reason :)

Sorry for the dusty printer!

Then check out your printed goodies:


Everything seems to be on the dot, which I love! I hate when something is a little of center, or whatever. The last 2 cards have a little white streak at the bottom, but it's fine.

I plan on putting those beauties on something every where I go :)

So, that was my little quick tutorial, and my love affair with Avery.

LYO is only a week away! I'm excited!


Sarah said...

I discovered Avery's online thingie when I was making releasing labels for BookCrossing a few years ago. Love it! Now I'm inspired to go make more... :)

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Bubbles said...

Oh thanks for posting this, I have some avery labels but they don't match at all with the avery template on my office... the spaces just seem to be printed so far apart. I'm going to have to give it a try.


Carlyn Clark said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I'm hopeless at getting labels printed. I had no idea this existed. What a time saver.

patricias fabric art said...

Oh I love your labels I would love to have a go but i'm useless at stuff like that !-blackbird4 sb

patricias fabric art said...

p.s. I followed your blog also blackbird 4 s b

Anonymous said...

This is so helpful! Thank you thank you. I was going to order them. This saves me money and lets me personalize it more! I'm so excited : )

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