December 14, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Kinda.

Hey guys!

I want to say sorry for not posting more often. The app I used to update my blog, (Blogpress) had an update, that was a huge fuck up. When it is back and running I'll come back, with my tail behind my knee, and wondered  how I ever lived with out it.

Ok. So not a lot has happened from Thanksgiving from now. I still haven't watched all the way through the Lady Gaga special. Go me. Thanksgiving was awesome. I had two, be jelly.

But, we have started putting this up for Christmas, and I got all but 2 gifts left on my list. Woot :D! I actually got my first gifts for my Mom and Dad. Which, you know what that means, right? I'm an adult now. Shit.

Anywho here are our decorations:

The tree (Foodie pak on Hipsta)



I took all of these with my iphone 4s. I love that camera. I am so getting into Iphonegraphy. I think after the new year, I am going  to make a segment, about getting the most out of your camera phone. Oh, my insgtagram name is ryuluna ! Add me! I follow back! 

I have a Christmas party on Friday, I will be making a post before then! 

I hope everyone is excited for the holiday. :)~ I am kinda. THERE IS NO SNOW! WTF Michigan. We need snow, by like now. I can't wait! 

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I need a shower.


Melia said...

Loving the decorations lady! A LOT! As for the photos, they turned out really well, I do love my camera phone as well...and the awesome pics it takes. And I CAN'T wait for Friday!!!

...I also totally agree with you on the shower thing. I need one...badly.

Some crazy ass with a messed up mind said...

That Santa in your front yard is a beast. Just look at that shadow it casts on your house. Some no-good, evildoer, malicious thief tries to come and take yo gifts, and he sees that behemoth of a shadow, he'll shit his pants and run home to curl up in his Care Bears blanket and rock himself back and forth to try to reassure himself that it was just his imagination, it was just his imagination, it was just his imagination over and over again when in reality, that shadow will loom over him every proceeding night until he finally snaps, needs a psychiatrist, and starts to take nerve pills. But will that help? Hell naw. Next thing he'll know, he'll be seeing that shadow everywhere he goes, from the grocery store to the local bar he goes to to drink his sorrows away to the local family restaurant he gets his morning coffee at everyday. That waitress who serves him all the time who is a single mother and has an apartment uptown? DEMON SANTA SHADOW! The nice young man who bags his groceries at the store? DEMON SANTA SHADOW!! The elderly woman in the wheelchair who takes the GLTA everyday with him? DEMON SANTA SHADOW!!! Random stray dog? DEMON SANTA SHADOW!!!! Little kid on the playground? DEMON SANTA SHADOW!!!!! Squirrel in the park? DEMON SANTA SHADOW!!!!!! Justin Bieber poster at Wal-Mart? DEMON. SANTA. SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!! What happens next to the poor sod? Well, that's probably a story left untold.....

Anyways, badass Santa decoration!

Katie said...

Pretty decorations! Ours are so minimal this year. I'm shooting for better next year!

Magical Day Dream said...

I bought christmas lights to bright up my cozy student room the other day, I love the mood they create :)