December 28, 2011

The aftermath!

Well, Blogpress was taken down from the app store, and it still sucks. I have found a new app, it seems okay.

So how was everyone's Christmas?? Mine was really good! I got some pretty awesome things!! My BF got me a Razor Naga, and...wait for it...A Machete! Lol. He wants to teach me Zombie Survival (One of his favorite things) and I was oogling over Eli's in the movie Book of Eli. It's awesome :). The Razor Naga is a gaming mouse. It has 12 buttons on the side. I hardly need a keyboard to play WoW now!

I also got an Ollōclip, Glif+ and a Gorillapod! I can't wait to go do stuff with them. And I am doing a segment on Phonegraphy! So stay tuned, and I will tell you more!!

Christmas was pretty awesome :). I had a great time, and I got some great stuff :).

And finally we get snow. Lol.

So, I hope everyone has had a great holiday! Here's to 2012!! :D


Amy {I Am Adorkable} said...

We didn't get any snow unfortunately, but that mouse is crazy! 12 buttons?! You're right, you won't need a keyboard to play WoW lol. How is it size wise? It reminds me of the 'DeathAdder' which was too fat for my hands and uncomfortable to use for gaming. I much prefer my (probably now) "old-skool" 'Diamondback'. In green. When my tower case is blue. :D How have you been finding it?

Britty Luna said...

I love it! I have fat, short, stubby hands. It works really great though :). My DPS (damage per second) even went up a little after I got used to it! Fits great in the palm of my hand!

Thank you for reading!