February 23, 2012

Count yo' blessings.

Sorry I haven't written in a while.
A lot has happened!!
First I got mah hair did! My Hairstylist is amazing. A lot of laughs and TLC went into this Do! I loooovvveee iiittt! Thank you Dainty Squid for this post.

I love it! I am going to Emilie Autumn today. If you have not heard of her, check her out. She's a classical violinist turned goth rock ish? She is her own genre, I suppose! I am super super excited. It's my cousin's first concert. I am more excited to see her reaction.

Then right after I got my hair done, I got super sick. Fever, chills, aches. It sucked. I am better. Then soon as I got better, I rammed my hand into our banister. I bruised the bone really bad. I took a trip to the ER. That was fun.

Dave more then made up for it though. We've been dating for one year. We are going away this weekend. We exchanged gifts yesterday. He got me this beautiful acme The Beatles pen! It came with a fountain nib too, but I have yet it play with it.

It's limited edition too! There are only 1,964 of them. I got number 0906. :). It's one of those ' Wow, I own that!' type of things! I can't believe it. I am going to get ink for the fountain nib. I have such a lovely boyfriend. And I'm super lucky to have him, and I cannot believe it's been 1 year already!!

Well, I gotta get ready for Emilie Autumn! Have a good weekend guys!~ 


Mary Has Sound said...

Love the results of the hair!! So fantastic and fun. Happy 1 year to you two!

Da Big Yung Lil Porkmansirthing da Villainmeister of the Boar Mafia Squad Clique Bloaw! Bloaw! Bloaw! said...

Everything about this post deserves a badass seal of approval. The artist you mentioned does seem unique, though. I might check a video on teh Tubez of YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUU I don't know why I did that....

Anonymous said...

I love the results. I used to have a similar color but now that I'm in grad school advisers have told me to get a more professional color. Which is lame because then my boss said they loved the old color. You look so amazing! I'm jealous!

Jenny's swap-blog said...

hehe :) How daring of you to change your hair colour so much :) I like the colour and I for a long time I wanted to give it a try too ... But I never had enough courage :)

Good job! You are a courageous girl! :)

@ Follow Me at swap-bot


Anonymous said...

I love Emilie Autumn. I wish I could go to her concert one day...
Your new hair color looks great!

~disturbia000 swap-boot.

Emily Meyers said...

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Hope to see you there! Thanks!