February 13, 2012

Quick Turkey Dinner!

We had this little butterball turkey breast left over from Thanksgiving. It looked like a huge turkey egg. Lol. We froze it, and said we will use it for later. Well! We did!

I give you this Quick Turkey Dinner!

All it is is Mashed Potatoes, Stove Top stuffing, turkey, gravy, then top it off with Cranberries!

One tip for you guys, is that if your turkey comes with a packet of gravy, cook it with the turkey! It makes the turkey soo much better!!

It was a nice hearty, quick meal for winter. :)!



.s.e. said...

*takes note*

I loooooove turkey!

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Jessica said...

I just made something similar the other night but with some leftover roasted chicken. Prepared stuffing on the bottom of the dish. Then I tossed carrots, celery, garlic and onion in a pot to cook down then added my chicken tell warm. Tossed the mixture with gravy. Then poured on top the stuff and baked tell warm and delish.

Just thought I would share ever though you didn't ask. LOL