March 5, 2013

Start Doing!

So, I picked up this book the other day:

Seems really cool. I have done a few things from it. And it's not like Keri Smith like stuff either. It's more of a 'let's start living' book.

And living, is something I've always struggled with. Like truly living. I was always struggling to fit in, and be 'normal'. But, Hell, I never have been normal. I've always been the weird kid with multi-color hair. And can pull it off. I was always the kid doodling on something. I never went to college. And I hardly see the light of outside  unless it's to get the mail. And I'm ALWAYS comparing myself to others. Always. And I am always thinking I'm not good enough.

But, then this book got me thinking. And when I bought it, I got what I needed to get my ACE for photoshop. I am going to get off my ass, and finally start doing me. :). I am worth it, and I am awesome. (And guess what,  YOU ARE TOO!)

I like this quote:

Have you ever been in a rut? Or felt out of place. How did you handle it?
p.s: Smile. It looks lovely on you. :)


uncustomary said...

This book seems awesome! You should write me a letter about it. Glad to see you're inspired!

Louisa said...

Great post! I'm going to order that book from Amazon stat!