April 11, 2010

Journaling and You! :D

(Serious voice) Hello I'm Luna and I'm here to tell you about Journaling. :p

Yes, Journaling. The important art of expressing yourself. No, it doesn't have to be just words. Journaling is sooo much more. It is using a craft to express yourself, in book form. lol. Journaling is a mirror into your world, slashed onto paper. It'll open you up to new ideas, you've never thought of. It'll have you looking at junk and saying ' I could do something with this in my journal'. It'll seriously open up a new world for you!

I've been journaling for about 6 month now. I've noticed I'be been more creative, and it really gets my juices flowing up in the brain. I've also been happier. It lets me express the way I'm feeling, and people won't judge. I use it for everything. WoW notes, scribbles, directions, pages about family, or holidays. Anything important too me. I always have mine on hand, or I have a mini journal that goes with me everywhere. You should do this too. I have a huge journal, and a mini journal. I use them both. The big one is my main one, and that stays at home with me. My mini one is places I go, or to do one the go things. And plus, its small, so I can take it anywhere.

I do get bored, or can't think of anything. I composed a list (which, is all over the place, but hey, I tried lol) here: List . Please let me know if the link works. And please send me things you do with it! My printer ran out of ink, or I'd print it off myself. lol. I came up with this after seeing Keri Smith's 100 things to do ( Link below). And I was like ' there should be a  journal one for this'. So, I made it. I hope you enjoy!

Here are some examples of my Main Journal. I took a pic of a few :) I just got into using scrap booking stuff. I'll post pics of what I do with that later.

Other reads about journaling:
If you can't think of something yourself, and really like to think out of the box, but don't know how: Keri Smith is the person to go too. She's wonderful. I have Wreck This Journal and This is Not a Book. 

There's also This site. I haven't dug myself into it yet, but it has flickr group.

Sorry for the great wall of text :) But, I really just want you to try journaling! Just give it a shot. I'm like 89% you'll love it.


Colonel Pork said...

Oh gawd. What about that remaining 11%? I DON'T KNOW WAT TO DO!!!! I R PANIKING!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

Coleen said...

I tried to view your list, even signed up for it, but it wouldn't let me in, boohoo! Journaling is fun. I just started doing that about a year ago. I like that you are writing about the process. Keep going.
Coleen Franks from S-B

Luna said...

I fixed the link :) Try it now!! :) Thanks Coleen!!

Sarah Riley said...

I recently started journaling and I truly enjoy it. I suggested it to a friend whose ten-year old daughter hates to write and the child loves it too! I always carry a very small notebook around with me...mostly to write down ideas for a future blog or other project but that is such a good idea.

I'm e2java from Swap-Bot's "I Want More Blog Followers" and I am now following your blog.

Peacefully*Chaotic said...

Hi!I loved this post!I really need to get back to my journaling and really ,really get going with my art journal!I do carry a couple of mini journlas I write ideas and thoughts in and a mole skin I doodle in.Maybe I'll put those in my big journal!That's an idea! Maybe I have to cut back on some swapping to have the extra time for that!lol
You are following my blog via swapbot "I want more blog followers " swap and I am now also following you!I'm glad I came to visit!I am inspired to journal!
happy weekend!may you come across lots of inspiration!

Total Nutter said...

I loved this post! I've just recently gotten back into journaling, and it's nice to know other creative types struggle with it occasionally too. Some of the things on your list remind me of "Wreck This Journal" Love that book! Thanks for the follow; I'll be returning the favor ;)

-kkgalien form swap-bot