December 13, 2010


Michigan's Menstrual rage.

It was a BITCH to get the mail. We got 8 inches of snow. But, it blew around. So, it's like 1 inch in one spot and then up to my thigh on the other! So,

Michigan Menstrual Rage.


Tal said...

Looks beautiful! I wish it snowed like that out in Vancouver Canada. All we get is rain rain rain!

Your blog has some gorgeous photos, btw! Keep it up!

E' Un Angelo said...

Hi! I'm writing for the "End of the year blog comment" swap! Your blog is really interesting and I love your photos!
It snowed also here in Italy, but just a little. I'm here only for a couple of weeks to spend Christmas with my family and then I'll go back to Romania, where I guess there is a lot of snow!
Merry Christmas,

Tara... said...

Hi there, sewgorgeous here from swap-bot! Love your snow - looks like great fun! The UK keeps grinding to a halt with no more than 2 or 3 inches this year but still beautiful. Happy Blogging :)

A Peachy Life said...

I wish it would snow in southern california. That looks like so much fun!

Aki said...

Hi, I'm akilovessweets from swap-bot.
It looks so beautiful and Christmasy! :) In Tokyo Japan it has not snowed yet this year.

Ana Goncalves said...

I know how you feel about the snow! Here was the same in the UK, even the main airport (Heathrow) was closed because of insufficient capacity to deal with so much snow. Mail has been delayed too, and still awaiting it. How is the snow now? Wishing you happy holidays and a Happy New Year. Ana Goncalves from the End of year Blog Comment Swap on Swap-bot.

cate said...

oh, my. I'll never see snow like that out my front door!

{purplecrazymum on swap-bot}