November 13, 2010

Foodie Friday...cancel...Promise for next week!


So who this this Charlie?
He's a dastardly little bugger. And he hurts me all the time...and...I hate him!

This is Charlie:

See how evil he looks!!!! Ugh! So, like every good woman on my Great Great Great (list goes on) Grandmothers side, had gallbladder attacks. Or Stomach problems. I guess it's caused by stones, or whatever.

And wanna here the Zinger?

I don't get my insurance until least I'm getting it back, right? Thanks Obama!

I don't know if any you have ever had gallbladder problems...but OUI! It hurts! And like...I get so drained. UGh! I can't eat. ( Being a big girl...I like to eat, Man! UGH!)

So why name it Charlie? Well, my friends/family knows if I name it, it's bad. Uterus is Lola, my Tonsils (RIP) Where Fred and George! and Now, Charlie, the gallfuckingbladder.
Plus, then I can do this:


lmao. K. So, next week I promise! lol


Dennis, the Tourette's Guy's son said...

Is it bad that when I first look at Charlie, I think of a Weepinbell?

katielyn said...

That is hilarious! I never though of naming my body parts to express my anger with them. Great idea!