October 28, 2011

LYO 2, and Rocky Horror!

Howdy Guys!!

So, I have been doing LYO, I promise. I just haven't gotten down and posting them all!!

So: here's a few:

(I love my Mail Obsession)

(I don't need much to have a good time)

(I love the way I try to smile to make people feel better)

(I love how I try to protect the Earth)

( I love that I. An do things for the Lulz, and the Internet) ...(the Game)

There is a few more :).

Then Mom and I get an awesome opportunity to shoot Rocky Horror Picture Show!

We got like our own privet showing!! It was sooo cool. And thank you everyone who was there!!

And of course I got some pics! All by Cell phone. I'll post some SLR ones...maybe.

:). I hope you guys enjoy!

And in case I miss it: Have a happy Halloween!

Oh! Speaking of which:

Dave's costume! So much better then mine XD

Mine. Lol. I also got the Pipclock app. Worth the 1.05 :)

K! Go...hug someone now!


amber renee said...

Oooo that sounds like so much fun! I'm your partner for Love Comment Blog. I love the photos you took of Rocky Horror! Also your little fortunes. Such a good idea!

Mary Has Sound said...

I love your mail obsession too. :)

Anne said...

I'd love to see the SLR photos, especially since I'm getting a new one in the next few weeks. Looks like you had fun!


missanne via Love Comment Blog ♥ (2) on swap-bot

Sarah said...

Ha!!! Ahh...you are hilarious! :) I do love your daily things you're writing up...I visited for a swap at the first of the month and you'd just started it. Have a nice weekend!

Visiting you for the Love Comment Blog swap

Karen Grigsby said...

Loved the photos from the Rocky Horror show you took:)
visting from swapbot kraftykj

evey said...

rocky horror is my fave!

Iggygirl said...

Ya know I've never seen all of rock horror. Perhaps I should.

I like the steampunk outfit.

-iggy (check out my blog #4)