October 20, 2011

Why you so Blustery!


So, MIchigan is starting it's crazy weather! It's been a solid 47 degrees out, but with a 36 degree wind chill. Not cool. It went from 60 to 45 and depressing.

Iunno if you can see through my reflection- but it's windy! And rainy!! Some of my area is out of power. Makes me glad I upgraded my phone, the LED light comes in handy!! Dad rocked his when our power went out last summer! Lol!

Well, we Celebrated my Grandpa's 85th birthday. It would be my Grandma's 84th birthday 2 days after that. It was kinda cool. He was born on Oct. 20, there wedding was the 21, and her B-day was the 22nd. I miss Grandma. Grandpa how ever sadly doesn't. And I know people will thing 'of course he does!'. Trust me people, he doesn't. And it's kinda sad. What's even more sad is I like the Grandpa with out Grandma more :/.

Happy Birthday you old fart!!

My BF and I are dressing up for Halloween. I am not too keen in the fact, but he likes it. So, to get me in the spirit he made me this:

It's a hair clip! We are like people from Fallout. I'll post costumes this weekend. He and I have worked hard (mostly him!!) I can't wait to rock it!!

And for LYO:

Hope everyone is doing well!!


amber renee said...

What a cute hair clip! I love it! I always treasure things my husband makes for me. <3

sgjolinar said...

Great Hair Clip! I love steampunk myself. Do you have an etsy store?

Anne said...

Aww, I miss my grandparents so much. Happy birthday to him! And if you don't have an etsy store, you should get one. I think you'd do well.


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Sarah said...

Love the hair clip...and the update on the costumes that I just saw in another post. Cracks me up... :)

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