January 7, 2012

Sweet Jesus!

Blogpress is back! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone See that? Isn't sexy?? Okay- back to business. Now that I have blogpress back, I am announcing I am going to do a little something something on iphonegraphy and mobile blogging! The 15-21 I will make a blog post everyday! Woot! Anywho. What has been up?

I know I am late, but, Happy New Year! I have been playing around with my Olloclip!

It's so much fun! I got into playing StarWar: Old Republic! So good, but it's an uber graphics hog! No Bueno. But, it's still an amazing game!! So, I will probably post again later night. Or maybe tomorrow. Mom and I got a Cuttlebug. It's pretty sweet!

See yeh soon!

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