April 18, 2012

Hiddy Ho!

Hey there guys.

Nothing super new has happened!

Febe is back in great health. :).

We are starting to let her play. She hates that I let the boys out, and she can't go play in the back yard. I play with her inside, so I can monitor her. :). Soon, I think, I'll let her go play.

I went to Shipshewanna a few weeks ago. That is always nice.

We had a blast. Until the last day. I lost my purse, because I'm awesome like that... I didn't even care about my purse, it was my pen that I wanted. Mom got me a new purse, that goes over me, and we found the old one, everything still inside. Yay!

Finally saw the Hungry Games. I cried worse then when I saw the last Harry Potter movie!! I have read the book. The movie was good, a little fast pace, but good!

It was my Dad's birthday on Monday. We celebrated all weekend! He wanted to get drunk, so that we did.

We made Skittles Vodka. I was awesome. :).

I got trippy drunk, for the first time. Haha. Was great :)

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You're Mom said...

You are awesome!