March 23, 2012

Count Your Blessings.

This Wednesday, the thee worst day in my life. Probably ever. ( or Sooo Far! As Homer Simpson would say). This is going to be a little bit of a wall of text, I only have a few pictures. But let's queue Sarah McLachlan's
In The Arms Of An Angel, just to set the mood. Yeah, it's one of those stories. It has a happy ending though- I assure you!
If you read my Blog you know I have a Pomeranian named Febe.

Febe was bought when I was 16, on a cool November day from a very nice family in Flint. She is an exotic. Her under coat, when under natural sun light, has a hue of purple. I was a slicer at this time, very depressed. I love the Pomeranians because of PacMan in Blade. Or the one Pom who eats the other in one of the newer Super Man movies.

Feb's and I didn't bond very quickly. It took us a while. But when we did it was friendship, camaraderie, and codependence.
I wasn't depressed anymore. I got to see her smiling face every morning. I need that. I love Dave, but sometimes I just need some one to listen to me, and then lick my face? Lol. With everything going in with Mom, my sanity is a very thin line these days. Febe sleeps at the opposite side of the bed as me, which is perfect. I hate having dog all up on me. She loves food, loves other people. She, and will continue too be my perfect little Purple Pomeranian Princess.
But last Wednesday, I also lost her. Actually I did lose her for a minute, but I'll get to that. It was almost 90 degrees that day. In March. She still has her winter coat, so instead of her winter coat keeping her cool, it traps the heat in for her. We also get her shaved for the summer. Mom and I where just talking about that. She wasn't outside for more then 15 minutes. We brought her in, and she started panting really hard, more then usual. We gave her water. We put a fan in front of her. She wouldn't still calm down. So we put her in the sink, and put cool water on her. That's when it happened. She passed out. Turned blue, stopped breathing, her eyes rolled back, she went limp, and well, did the whole poop as you die thing. We got her out. Mom told me to get some towels because now she is all wet. I just think she wanted me out of the room, and I understand. I went into hysterics. Mom has been around animals her whole life, and being the bad ass she is, brought her back just enough. She was still blue, and out of it, but she was alive, and savable. I called my vet, and we rushed up there. I never moved so fast.
Our vet. Oui. I love her and hate her all in one. She is very very doom and gloom. She has had several of our animals dead when we brought then in for minor things. I should have known that. She put Febe on oxygen. She still wasn't relaxing and her temp was at 104. 104 is good. Febe is at a 102. But she wasn't breathing. They ended up putting her under and putting a tube down her throat. That seemed to help. She told us to go because we had to pick up Brandon.
As soon as we left, that is when I couldn't stop crying. My baby. I always thought she would let me know when it is time. And I would have kids at the time, so I wouldn't be so...alone. I mean , she's only 5. I couldn't stop crying. I put myself in hysterics. My Nana came over. We got a call from the vet. Her temp was now normal. She had a heat stroke, plus she has a collapsed trachea. A CT isn't as bad as it seems, to me anyway. It when the Trac is supposed to be round and dilated, it goes kinda oblong, and doesn't dilate. I thought she had like her whole throat collapse. She was born with it. And it makes sense.
Well, the vet was closing at 5. They needed us out. They gave us a number to an emergency vet in Flint. She said she wouldn't make it with out oxygen. My Dad, who now is home scrambled. Thank you Active Medical Supply. They said we need a prescription the next day and to just take the tank. Thank God, she didn't need it. She get way better after she woke up, and wagged her tail as I went to pick her up.

The emergency vets where amazing. They didn't care I called like almost every hour. They kept me informed. They gave me hope

And Febe made it. 

She's home now. Resting.

They put her on meds to help her breathe.
I am like a mother hen though. I am constantly watching her, and I get worried. I am not getting too much sleep, and I get scared when I leave the house. Even though she is doing fine, if she gets to riled up, she can go back into her fit.

I never knew how much that little fluff ball means to me. Please, take scare of your dogs, and animals. Do not leave them in cars, or any place that is hot. Watch them if it gets too hot. This whole thing only took 15 minutes.

Sorry again for the great wall of text.

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Wendy said...

So glad to hear Febe recovered!