September 26, 2012

A very long update.

Hey guys.
Sorry I haven't been posting. I have been drinking tea, we'll get to that.
But my lack of posts has to be for the fact My Nana had to get tests done, she just had surgery, and to top it off, Mom has not gotten any better. :/. So, I have been running around trying to do what I can to make things as smooth as possible. So. Yeah. -deep breath-
So. Tea. Yeah. Lol
I can't remember the order I drank in, so here are the teas I drank over the time I was gone.
Gold Peak Tea: Sweet Tea. This was an ok tea. I think it was too sweet. If there is such a thing.

I made Blueberry tea in this ice tea maker I picked up in. It says you can make loose leaf in it, and you can, just it takes a lot to get a good strength. So, I think I'll stick it tea bags. :). Otherwise, this is a good tea, and a good tea maker!!

Nana had testing, so I stopped for a Pumpkin Chai Late from Caribou coffee. Omg. Heaven. That is what is in that cup.

I got a nice sampler from Zhena's Gypsy Tea. I have tried everything. And it's so good. Zhena's never ever disappoints :). I loved the Egyptian Mint the best.

A nice mix of Ginger twist and Bangkok from Spice Merchant. It was a nice mix, and honestly I think the reason I didn't get sick. My whole family came down with a sinus infection. I haven't gotten it yet. -fingers crossed.-

Chai tea from Sahara Bar and Grill. It was ok. Not the worst tea, not the best. It hit the spot though. :). We also smoked Berry Mint Hookah, and that was amazing. Dave wanted to take me out to relax. :). It was much needed!

That's about it on tea.
I am watching my Papa's dog, Cooper. He's a cutie!

So. What have you been up too??

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Beautiful post!!! would you like to follow each other?
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