September 4, 2012

Weekly Tea!

This week in tea!

I learned how to do a Late. Did you know you can froth milk with just a mason jar? Add milk to the jar, and shake it for about 45 seconds. Taa Daa! Frothed milk. Put it in the microwave for a minute, and you got warm milk!

Spice Merchant Florence tea is a chocolate black tea. And it's amazing as it sounds.


Didn't do a whole lot of tea drinking this week. Saturday I ventured to Whole Foods for the first time. It was ok. It was a little over whelming. I got some tea. -shrugs-. It was to expensive for my taste. And everything fresh, I can get from my farmers market. Steaz was good. :). Nice lemon flavor.


Dave and I went garage sale-ling. I came across this thing:

It was in front of someones house. It's called a Little Free Library. I took a book and a book mark. It had book crossing books! Yay! It was the coolest thing.


I got this tea from Whole Foods. It was really good! I made another Late! Zhena's Gypsy Tea is Coconut Chai. Heavenly. Not too too coconuty and the right amount of chai!


First day back to school. Mom and I went to a little diner down town called Daner's Diner. I love that place. They know us by name, and we know them. They always ask us about our day. They're so nice. I love Mom and Pop places.

Well, Barb is a tea drinker. And she's been a waitress for a while. She always hates the taste of the ice tea that has been out all day. She freshly brews her tea, and it is the best ice tea I've never had from a food place :). It had to get mentioned!

Tea on Lovelies!

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