November 10, 2010


So, that' was me this morning. My good friend Andrew sent me a nice little package this morning. It had a little parrot origami, drawing of Yoda, a little letter, and a 2 packets of coco and marshmallows. :) Really made my morning!

Then, I hop on to my blog, and go on twitter. And my new friend, Emily gave me this:

From what Emilysaid: "In order to accept the award I must list seven facts about myself and then pass this award on to fifteen other bloggers!So here we go:"

Okay, so my 7 facts
1: I used to be a pageant person. I won little Miss Metro '94. I have a huge trophy down stairs.
2: I've had the same Hello Kitty blanket for 10 years and running. That thing has been through hell and back!
3: I have hairy arms.
4: I hate happy endings.
5: I'm huge zombie fan, and our family has a Z-day plan. :) We don't have a fire plan, but a Z-day plan.
6: My life if run by the post office. lmao;
7: Halo gives me a huge nerd- on.

So, there you have it.
My blog roll:
1: A Peachy Life
2: Vintage Terrace 
3: Kind Over Matter
4: Mari's Cakes
5:Little Raven Ink
6: My Mom's a Nerd
7: Totally Tutorials 
8: Things We Foget
9: Talk 2 The Trees
10: Book of Adam 
11:  Comfortably Lovely
12: Stuff No One Told Me
13: Frankie and The Bear
14: Just Letter Rip
15: GirlZootZilla

So, I also recently joined BookCrossing. I put two books on the local StarBucks book exchange. I took an old 1945 book, from a hospital, and it was written on. :). It smells good. :). Also, the thanksgiving blend was nice.

Anywho, off to :) See you Friday! 


Shannon said...

Thanks for including Comfortably Lovely!

the perfect pear said...

haha that video was pretty funny! :)
p.s. thanks for following :)