January 8, 2011

Boredom Baking.

Seems like I have a new hobby! Baking!

I've been getting bored later at night, and well. I just don't want to sit in front of the computer all night (alright, I do...but it's bad) So! I've been baking!

(Beware crappy Cell pics! Much better then my 3g! Go 3GS! )

Banana Bread Muffins!


First one is Banana bread recipe: here.
Second one is Naan, recipe here. I love Naan.

I've been sick for like the past 3 days. When I was little Mom used to make me a Shirley Temple.  I've been making them, since she is sick too :<

Yes, I like cherries. They're the best part!

Last but not least!
Febe prints
Febe prints! Febe is my furry 4 legged daughter. She is 4 ( I can't believe she's that old! ( And yes! I  was 16 and had a puppy hehehe! (Teen Mom next week! ))).  She goes and gets the mail with me every morning!
Here's a video! With my new phone!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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