January 13, 2011

It's the mail!

                                                     Oh Steve and Blue! I miss that show...
You know you do too.
I guess it was different in the UK....

Speaking of mail! I have been taking pics of my mail. All the cool mail kids do it, so I'm hopping on the band wagon.

To my friend Nancie! :D 

My Friend and gamer buddy Andrew! 

Lori! My adopted little sister! 

A Sendsomething send out! 


Return letter to Violet

A return letter to Andrew :)


For the Instant Swap on Swap-Bot. :)

A Sendsomething Send out! 

A card going out from Postcrossing! 

Return from the first letter from Andrew

A letter from KimberLee

Somethinng from Post Crossing from Russia! 

Got a nice letter from my awesome friend Violet ( I know your reading! )

She sent me this awesome screen print! It's printed on this really cool velum! I am going to get a really nifty frame for it! 

Lori's awesome reply letter! She's so creative! 

She gave me Chobits stickers :D 

A card I got in reply to a sendsomething send out! 

So there you go, my mail. lmao. I'll try to update every Wednesday. You all know how GREAT I am with deadlines though. hehe. 

As far as an update. Nothing really going on. Getting in the swing of working again. Stupid holidays screw my scheduled! 
If you want to send me something, my address is in my about me :). I am always looking for a new pen pal! 

Write hardy!


The big homie CP da Hustla said...

The UK version of Blue's Clues......you could just hear that subtle sound of fail after that guy sang the mail time song, couldn't you?

Steve FTW!

Britty Luna said...

Yeah. Steve is awesome! I love Steve. Post time just doesn't sound right!

Pikaboo said...

I'm jealous of all your mail, and it's all so pretty too!

Britty Luna said...

Aww thanks. Pikaboo! :D Have you heard of the site of Sendsomething? I found a lot of awesome pen pals from there! :D

livingonair said...

I'm f-o-l-l-o-w-i-n-g you... from swap-bot's FOLLOW MY BLOG.

I really liked your tutorial on making an envelope out of magazines. So eco-friendly!

Skuld said...

Hey there, it's skuldintape from swapbot. I love the envelopes! I often wrap my packages in enwspaper, but for some reason never really thought of constructing my own envelopes from cool maps and things. Thanks for the idea. :)

-Trashy Betty- said...

I can't wait to start taking pics of my mail !! Yikes!! :) yay!! I am your swapbot partner! - You can check me out at www.trashybetty.com :) I'm following you !

Karla said...

Me again!

I LOVED this post showing pictures of your mail! How cool! And that little purple kitty icon you slapped on all the addresses ... ha ha!

I loved Steve in Blue's Clues. It has not been the same without him.

I love mail, too. I love that about your blog. Envelope making with magazine pages is so fun. I have a pretty shoebox-sized box (but it's not a shoebox, probably what one would call a photobox) where I keep the handmade envelopes I receive and make, too. I need to remember to USE them!

See you at Swap-bot!

Mrs.B said...

I normally love all things British and consider myself an anglophile at heart, BUT...post time is HORRIBLE!

LOL. I totally agree with the Big Homie CP.

Neat blog...I am following!