March 10, 2012

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For those that know me, I love swap-bot. It's amazing.

For this swap I had to go to other blogs, and write a review, so here it is: (Sorry I am late guys!)

Kraftykj's blogMy Jungle of Life in Oklahoma: This Blog is about the musing of a crafty mother of 3 teen age boys in Oklahoma. Karen features her mail, life, her venture into art journaling, and even a few recipes!  She even has a few frugal tips, and of course her family!  Her blog has a nice homey feeling to it, and a lot of her topics are stuff you can relate too. Karen updates regularly, which is awesome, because content is key.  And I am totally digging this purple cat quilt she did in Oct. Over all, you can tell is a busy, grateful, crafty person, and I look forward to more of her posts J

Agentaemme's blog:Agenta Emme – Married Edition  Emme’s blog is a nice crisp blog. From her pictures, you can tell she is full of life. She blogs about the things around her. She posts her goals and progress, which I think it a really cool way of keeping yourself on track. She even has some product reviews, and explains what some foods are. (Which, I know what morels are, which will come handy for the zombie apocalypse.)  She also has a kuerig, which is not really relevant, but I think they are awesome. I love love love Emme’s voice when she writes, kinda remind me of myself! You can tell she is just one of those people who beat to her own drum.

Deviantdivine's blogBedding Down in Bedlam (tumblr) This blog is pretty new, she started in January. She has a sporadic voice, which makes the blog fun. She also talks about music a lot. I love the taste in music. And if you are reading this, thank you for finally getting me to sit down and listen to the new M.I.A song! Rebecca often posts from work. She has the ‘This is my blog, and I will do whatever I want on it’ feel. Much like mine.  On her Tumblr, it’s short little musings. Ones what wouldn’t fit into a blog post. I look forward to following her tumblr, and her blog!

TeaWithLemon siteTea With lemon Photography Tea With Lemon features a lot of crafting findings. She as photography, (of course) art journaling, mail, and her findings. She also likes her colors a little cooler, like mine. Cooler color people unite?  She is a beautiful art style. Teach me how to draw people? She also shows her mail art, and the art she gets. I love how this blog had pictures. From my blog, you can see, I’m a picture whore. I hate reading sometimes, and I just like to look at pictures. This is one of those blogs.  She even has some freebies, because  who doesn’t love freebies?!

Last but not least::

TiffanyAnnDavis87's blog: Tiffany's MailBox Tiff is my age ish. And this is a mail blog. I love mail blogs. Her blog is a little newish too, starting in Feb. I have tried to log my mail via blog, but that never worked out. She also makes jewelry and the like. I love her book thongs! She has pen pals from all over the world. She has a dog, and a cat. They are both really cute! I can’t wait to see the mail she sends and receives.  I look forward to new posts!   

( And  sorry for the huge wall of text!)

Here: Have a Chloe: 
(She's 17, folks!)


Mary Has Sound said...

Hey! I tagged you in the 11 Things List Game for your blog. :) Here's the link for you to answer questions if you wanna play! <3 Mary

Wendy said...

Loved the Tea with Lemon blog spot!