March 20, 2012

Whatta week!

So, I know I popped off the grid again. Sorry. Here's why:

And as if Mother Nature reads my effin mind. We get this bad boy:

Muhm, That's a tornado. About a mile away from my house. My Mom, Dad and little bro where all freaking out as I was running outside with my iphone to take pics. I would have gotten my SLR, but I didn't have time. Tornadoes don't scare me. Lighting, does, but a twister never ever has. I wanted to be a storm chaser when I was little. I get this high. It was the coolest thing, seeing it rotate. Because, you can have a funnel cloud, and if it's not spinning, it's not active, and you're safe. As soon as I saw it rotate, my Dad (Who was outside with me) Was like 'GET IN THE HOUSE NOW!'.
I wanted to stay out and watch the whole thing. 

Everyone was okay. Everything turned out fine. 

Then! A few days after, I officially became one with Lapeer. I shot my first gun off. It was a 22 semi-auto. Pretty nifty. I also shot a 22 rifle, 22 pistol, a 44, and 12 gauge. And I now hate the movies. There is no effin recoil, ever! I was watching the Walking Dead, and I'm like, 'They can't do that, they would get hit in the face!'. Which, I almost whacked myself one with the 44. The 12...oh man. I have a bruise on my shoulder. And I only shot it once. My poor Dad and BF have a huge one from shooting it off way to many. But there is a place in Lapeer called 'The Pit'. It's all open, and you can bring stuff to shoot. We brought Bman's science project, and an old monitor. Soo much fun! 

I also got THE COOLEST THING EVER!  It's called 'Cuppow'. It's like a sippy cup lid, for a wide mouth mason jar. I love mine. I drink out of mason jars a lot. And with summer coming (or just 80 degrees on the first day of spring. You know. That stuff....) I am in love with cold brew ice tea.
I got a cool idea coming in another blog post, so stay tuned!

(Morning iced coffee)
Stay cool my friends!

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Colonel Pork AKA Gohantech said...

Another excellent blog post from the almighty, self-proclaimed "Master Mind!" Those storm pictures are definitely riveting to say the least.