March 7, 2012

Get it out there.

Serious business Guys.

Please watch this:

I know it is almost 30 minutes long. It is so worth the watch.

If you don't want to watch it, I'll tell you.
Joseph Kony. That is who it's about. And why is this Kony guy so important? He's responsible for over 30,000 abduction of children in Uganda, Sudan, and Congo. What does he do with these children? The Girls are used as sex slaves, and the Boys are given guns, and are forced to kill their families, their neighbors, and who ever Kony sees fit. The ones who disobey are either killed, or horridly mutilated. 

We finally got people on 2010 from the US to help. 100 battle ready advisers to help the Ugandan military get Kony. Kony found out, and is now changing his tactics. The people now need our help, more then ever.

So what can you do? Spread the word. Tweet, Facebook, talk about it. And if you think it's a lost cause, remember, what would happen if someone came into your house, and took your child. But, it's something bigger then that. It's about coming together, and making a difference. I mean, look at what we did for SOPA. 10 million people stood up, and did something. We came together, to make a difference. We can do that again, but instead of protecting our internet, let's protect people. Let's use the internet we fought for, and make something good of it. Let's make Kony famous, so that he can't be ignored. And when we do that, why stop there?


Your Mom said...

I am so proud you are my daughter! I love you and never stop standing up for what you believe in. God gave you that loud awesome voice for a reason, and you are using it !

One Corny Dude said...

Between this and SOPA/PIPA, it just astonishes the hell out of me how far the Internet has come as a platform of spreading social awareness. It seems like just yesterday that I was a young boy completely bewildered by just the fact that I could access one of those cool looking websites advertised on Nickelodeon or something to actually play games that I couldn't access without a connection that seemed uncommon to get. Fast forward to 10+ years later, and I'm one of many people taking part in a digital social revolution that I never thought I could be a part of just by spreading a video or simple information. And your blog post on Kony definitely reflects that. What a wonder the Internet has become. Let's stop this bastard with our words of mouth! KONY 2012!!!

Cap'n Jack said...

I really can't get behind Invisible Children.

Bringing a horrible person to justice sounds great, as does trying to tidy up the mess left behind, but IC isn't the way to do it. I'm also not a fan of weepy heartstring-pulling videos to try to pull people in, since it frequently means that it'll be posted before too much other reading & research is done by the majority who see it.

Cap'n Jack said...

Sorry, that link may not work, try this one:

Britty Luna said...

Well, Cap'n Jack. I give you this:

If not them, then who?

Cap'n Jack said...

I've seen their written response to the allegations made against them. It does reflect better on them, to come out and explain things from their side. Whether or not it redeems them or not is up for the individual to judge. Personally, however, I still don't think I can get behind any charity whose reputation has been called into question as much as theirs has been.

Nevermind that misguided military action would just make it worse. It doesn't seem like these guys know the first thing about military strategy, and that's worrisome; how can you support military action if you don't know anything about it? I can only hope that those who do actually plan very, very carefully before anyone sends in armed forces.

Of the many external links in the article I linked to, there are four charities who, after looking at Charity Navigator and their websites, haven't had the kind of credibility issues that Invisible Children had (and still has.) I would happily stand behind any of them. It only takes a few more clicks to find more.

I'm not necessarily against the idea of bringing the bastard and the LRA down. What I take issue with is that it's just not that simple.