August 28, 2012

Weekly Tea!

Hey guys. I am attempting to do this from my iPhone. There is a app called Blogpress. It's given me trouble in the past, but everyone needs a second chance, right?


Awake Latè from Starbucks. I did a favor for a friend, so she picked me up some. :)

Thursday- Sunday.

No tea. Sorry guys. I was cleaning my room. I seriously did belong hoarders. I am still straightening everything out, but I will post pics nest week. Putting it out publicly really helped. Thanks for all the support and stuff, guys. :). Thanks


Black Current tea by The Spice Merchant. I love this stuff. It's nice and light, but a huge caffeine kick. We ran out of coffee, so I am relying on Tea for my buzz :)


Strawberry Mint Lavender Tea by Tea Haus of Ann Arbor. It's an oldie but a goodie. One of my favorite teas. :).


I have been going through some female problems. And this seemed to help:

Made the cramps stop at least. Thought I should share.

What are you sipping today, Lovelies?


wEI said...

I love tea too! fantastic blog ^^

Katie said...

I'm a huge fan of tea! I usually just sip on whatever my dad sends me, as he's always ordering his tins direct from places like Ireland and India. :) Also, since I'm a nursing mama, fennel tea has become a standard for me.