January 25, 2012

Quick iCase tut!

So, as you guys know, I love crafting and I love my iPhone. I love it when I can combine the two!

I saw this tutorial: here.

So, basically you get a clear iPhone case. I use this guy:

I got it for Christmas. It's nice, and I can easily take it on and off.
Since it's clear, you can put stuff between your iPhone and it.

So, this is where the crafty part comes in. Just trace your iPhone, then cut it out. As for the camera and flash, the case should have a hole around it- trace, cut, blah blah.

Then decorate!

(Yes my phone is jailbroke, and yes I love it)

So, you can use fancy paper, or even fabric. Get creative. If you are like me, your phone is an extension of yourself. Stamp it, tape it, whatever. I like to change my things up a bit, so this saves me money on cases. And I can change it when I want!

so! Enjoy!


Meg said...

That's such a clever idea! I love it!

Britty Luna said...

Thanks Meg! :D

Jessica said...

Love this idea. It turned out really cool looking.